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Monday, 17 December 2012

Matilda the Musical: Theatre Review

Matilda the Musical was originally staged in Stratford-Upon-Avon by the RSC at the Courtyard theatre, the production recently moved to the Cambridge Theatre in London (replacing Chicago). The production seems to be based more on Roald Dahl's original book than the film which translates onto the stage perfectly. The story follows a young girl (Matilda) who loves books and tells how she defeats the horrible people in her life, a story which all children and adults love with a heart-warming message.
It would be one of the last things I would ever think of to put on stage, but with Tim Minchin's Music and Lyrics and Dennis Kelly's book it works fantastically. The music is very good, but in all fairness it's not a score that's going to be remembered forever, you'll be humming the songs after the show but unless you buy the soundtrack then you'll forget the tunes pretty quickly. None the less, Tim Minchin has done a brilliant job with this musical and his writting is very intellegent.
The visual side of the show was absolutely stunning, it must be the best design I have ever seen on a West End stage. The set poured off the stage, surrounding the proscenium arch in boxes which looked fantastic and a spectacular lighting design to complement this. The continuous theme of books throughout was also a nice touch; it gave the production that edge which left you spell bound. The production has really been modernised and that's exactly what it needed, I did think they might try and set the show in a specific date but it's really been brought into the 21stCentury and has brought a new life into the much loved, classic book.
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