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Monday, 14 August 2017

EDINBURGH FRINGE REVIEW: Losers at the Underbelly Cowgate

The ever growing rise in the need for instant fame and fortune, regardless of talent, is a subject that is currently being covered a lot in theatre. Frequently, the pieces become quite similar and struggle to tread the line of entertaining and not preachy. In order to overcome this obstacle, the piece would need to be original, exciting and completely different to something we’ve seen before. Step forward Tit4Twat and their new show Losers. 

Four friends, tired of being talented and not getting the attention they believe they deserve, devise a new game show that they will film, with an audience, to send off to a casting director. This casting director will then hopefully cast just one of them, the winner, in a new reality show, granting them the sudden fame they crave. The audience are each given a voting devise when they enter, with four buttons matching the colour of clothing for each contestant. At the end of each round, you decide who wins and who loses and has to face the losers forfeit. 
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