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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Wicked: 15th Anniversary | Celebrating the wonderful Women who have played Glinda!

Wicked has established itself as one of the biggest and best West End shows, originally opening on Broadway in 2003 it headed over here and opened at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in 2006. Today we're celebrating 15 years of the show, and after the slight 'pause' the show has taken, it's come back better than ever and what a good time to celebrate its Birthday! In this piece, we look back at all the wickedly talented Women who have played Glinda in the UK. From the London production to the tours! Which one was your favourite?!

Wicked in London

Helen Dallimore 
September 7 2006 - July 14 2007

Dianne Pilkington 
July 16 2007 - March 27 2010

Louise Dearman 
March 29 2010 - December 10 2011

Gina Beck 
December 12 2011 - November 16 2013


Sunday, 13 December 2020

REVIEW: The Elf Who Was Scared of Christmas at The Charing Cross Theatre

The festive season is upon us and as we head towards the end of what has been an unusual and extraordinary year, the need for some Christmas fun is more relevant than ever. This December such an event arrives at The Charing Cross Theatre with the festive family show, "The Elf who saved Christmas!" Before arriving at the theatre, I pass by the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and the London lights putting me in the festive spirit. This jolly atmosphere continues to the sound of festive hits from Slade, Dolly Parton and Band-Aid as you take your seat. 

From my arrived at the theatre I was reassured by the safety measures the theatre are adhering to in social distancing times. My temperature was checked outside before being encouraged to apply some hand gel. Masks were kept on throughout the show whilst seats and rows were spaced out for extra safety. 

The set of a sofa, rocking horse and side cabinet created a cosy wintery abode vibe with a backing screen adding to the scene. One child was so excited about the set that the second their parent wasn't looking he managed to rush onto to stage to have a go on the rocking horse. From the start, you felt that a happy environment had been set up as an appealing festive treat for children.

The show is a Christmas Elf two-hander with Neil McDermott playing the effervescent Figgy opposite Gina Beck as enthusiastic Cupcake. Neil and Gina met 20 years ago and the friends not only star as the two elves but they wrote the show too, adding an extra charming quality to the show.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

DREAM CASTING: Friends the Musical

If you're like me or the majority of people on my timeline, you'll have watched the entire series of Friends on Netflix a number of times. I think I may be on my 6th rerun of it?! But it got me thinking, If there was a musical who could be in it? So I took to the internet and made my dream cast list. Tweet us and let us know who you would like to see in the musical version of Friends! @PocketSizeBlog

Rachel Green | Emily Tierney 

Ross Geller | Gerard McCarthy 


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

DREAM CASTING: Frozen the Musical

Alice Fearn as Elsa

Currently starring as Elphaba in Wicked in the West End, Alice has to be the best Elphaba we have ever seen in the shows history. Her portrayal of the role was original and incredibly layered whilst her voice absolutely blew me away! She'd smash this role and 'Let It Go' would be a highlight in the history of the West End

Gina Beck as Anna

After her stunning performance in Show Boat and her heart warming performance in Matilda, we think Gina would be a wonderful Anna. She has the heart and the enthusiasm and we know she'd win everyones hearts over.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Wicked the Musical: Theatre Review

Wicked the Musical has recently celebrated its fifth birthday in the West End, the show has proven very popular with musical theatre fans as they continue to sustain a very strong fan base who remain dedicated to the show and support it constantly. I have reviewed this show twice before, but I recently saw the show with the new cast. A lot of the cast have left the show since I last saw it, so I wasinterested to be invited back to check them out.
Rachel Tucker has remained with the production since coming into the company in March 2010; ever since she first started she has just got better and better. She is as strong as she has ever been. What I love about Tucker's interpretation of Elphaba is that she understands the role, a lot of the portrayals I have seen have been based around the singing aspect of the role and the actress's I've seen don't have that much depth in their Elphaba, where as Rachel's does. Her rendition of Defying Gravity and No Good Deed was the best I have ever heard; her voice fills the theatre and is delightful while having an edge to it which gives you shivers down your spine. Her chemistry with Gina Beck (Glinda) was also wonderful; they have had some time to settle in since they have started and their characters definitely work amazingly together and have a certain connection which hasn't been portrayed like that before.
Gina Beck plays a fresh Glinda, her voice is pure and a wonder to the ears. Glinda's comedic parts in the show were done incredibly by her and she picked up on everything, in my opinion she is the only Glinda in the London production that has actually paid attention to who Glinda actually is, rather than focus on what happens to her on her journey in the show. She had a great presence as Glinda and her journey through the show also really contributed to her interpretation of the role.
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