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Thursday, 7 February 2019

REVIEW: Ghost the musical at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking

Adored by millions and regarded as one of the most iconic films of the 90s, Ghost made stars of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze and helped sales of pottery wheels rocket around the world. 

The musical version follows the story of the film faithfully and brings all the original characters to the stage, focusing on the love story of Molly and Sam and the betrayal of best friend Carl.

Rebekah Lowings is a strong and commanding presence as Molly who portrays ambition, love and heartbreak in equal measure with ease. Her voice has a good range and has great power and tenderness.

Vocally, Niall Sheehy’s Sam was excellent but the characterisation felt weak and undeveloped. There lacked a genuine chemistry early on between Molly and Sam meaning that for large parts of the show, you never really invested in the relationship. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Pocket Size Theatre 5th Anniversary: The top 10 worst shows we've ever seen!

This production was reviewed in October 2017 by Mark Swale, one of our regular reviewers. After personally seeing the original tour and London production this show I was really hoping this would be an exciting show so was looking forward to reading the review. However, this experience wasn't the most joyful evenings...

"This show lacked any style or vision, nothing was interesting or different... This Sell-a-Door production fails to hit the mark, a show which has potential has been miscast with poor creative decisions. Wet. And not in the way you want."

This show was reviewed by one of our harsher (but brilliant!) reviewers, Andy Edmeads. He went to see the show on tour back in May 2017 at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking and what he saw didn't seem to hit the mark. This show has some cracking numbers in but clearly, this wasn't the good kind of cracking!

"The direction was flat and formulaic... Thoroughly Modern Millie is a dire evening out and this felt like a tired and lazy production... This is a show that really is best left for low-budget am-dram companies to wheel out in an emergency."

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ghost the Musical: Theatre Review

The image of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore behind the pottery wheel is one of the most iconic images in Hollywood history; to translate this onto the stage could have turned out to be an awful way of making some money off the GHOST franchise or it could have been an amazing musical.
Ghost the musical first opened in Manchester for a 'pre West End' run, then opening in London at the Piccadilly Theatre. The show has since opened on Broadway and they are even panning on taking the production to Australia soon. When the show opened it received ok reviews, from what critics had said it wasn't that great of a musical but it was good entertainment. From what I heard from other people, it was amazing. I'm not one to have my mind made up by other people but I wasn't rushing to get a ticket to the show. However, when the opportunity had come up to see it I didn't turn it down. I was sceptical about the show and am still thinking I might struggle to put what I think about it into words.
There is a hype surrounding the show which I'm sure everyone knows about! Unfortunately the show doesn't live up to this, in fact it doesn't even come close to it. The show is ok, not much more can be said to be honest. Not everyone has seen the original film (I haven't... don't judge!) but you know a rough outline of the storyline even if you haven't watched it.
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