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Saturday, 2 August 2014

REVIEW: Shrek the musical at Leeds Grand Theatre

Having ‘greenified’  both Broadway and the West End, Shrek the Musical kicks off its UK & Ireland Tour in Leeds and it certainly lands on its fat green feet. This touring production is full of infectious energy and Broadway magic, and looks certain to delight audiences universally. There’s a never a dull moment in this smart and intelligent stage adaptation.

The story matches that of the film fairly closely. We follow Shrek and Donkey, forced onto a quest to save Princess Fiona by the vertically challenged Lord Farquaad. We see the gradual unravelling of Shrek’s character, as he and Princess Fiona embark on a more personal journey together. There’s a heap of fairytale characters thrown in, and a rather impressive dragon. Together, they make a show with real heart and intimacy, combined with big ensemble show-stopping energy, and that’s what makes Shrek really shine.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sneak Peak into the rehearsals for the new SHREK UK tour

Coming direct from London, where it was seen live on stage by nearly a million people, the UK and Ireland tour of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane production of SHREK THE MUSICAL® will star Dean Chisnall as beloved swamp-dwelling ogre ‘Shrek’, the role he previously played in the West End, Faye Brookes as damsel in distress ‘Princess Fiona’, Idriss Kargbo as Shrek’s wisecracking sidekick ‘Donkey’ and Gerard Carey as pint-sized villain ‘Lord Farquaad’.

They will be joined by a full company of fairy-tale characters played by BrontĂ© BarbĂ©, Nikki Bentley, Jennifer Caldwell, Candace Furbert, Steffan Harri, Will Haswell, James Lacey, Mia Lincoln, Rory Maguire, Neil Moors, Jenny O’Leary, Georgina Parkinson, Ryan Reid, Leo Roberts, Jacqui Sanchez, Oliver Tester, James Winter, Kerry Winter and Kevin Yates.
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