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Sunday, 27 November 2022

REVIEW: Nativity! The Musical at the Birmingham Rep

Nativity! The Musical is back once more for the festive period and this year is gracing its presence in the second city, at the Birmingham Rep. An utterly joyous, thrilling and camp as Christmas production that excels in every way.

Based on Debbie Isitt’s 2009 hit Christmas film of the same name, the story follows the saga of St Bernadette’s primary school and their attempt to stage a 5-star Christmas show. Historically bad at directing the production, school teacher Mr Maddens – who hates the festive period, is forced to lead the nativity once more. When his foolhardy new teaching assistant Mr Poppy, overhears him fibbing to his friend-turned-professional enemy about Hollywood coming to watch the show, he can’t contain his excitement and soon the school, press, mayor and entire city of Coventry believe St Bernadette’s little Nativity will be made into a Hollywood blockbuster.
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