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Friday, 29 September 2017

REVIEW: You Forgot the Mince at Courtyard Theatre

Rose (Francesca Joy) lives in Leeds with her grandmother Lily (Ursula Mohan) and, fresh out of college, has exciting plans for the future. After the summer, she wants to move to London and go to university to become a journalist but, during the school break, she meets Nico (Prince Plockey), a door-to-door window seller who works on commission, and falls madly in love with him.

The bond between them appears immediately intense, as we see them snuggling and play-fighting in Rose's living room. With a combination of spoken word and physical performance we're projected fast forward into Rose's first year in London, when her academic achievements clash with Nico's personal failures. After being arrested, he spends 12 months in prison, whereas Rose struggles to fit her commitments whilst attempting to maintain their relationship.

When Nico is released, the couple decides to move in together, but the already tormented situation doesn't show any signs of improvement and the young man manifests a disturbed attitude that quickly escalates from verbal to physical abuse. Trapped between Nico's false promises that he'll change and ashamed to share her troubles with her grandma, Rose becomes increasingly withdrawn, eventually developing a severe psychological disorder.
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