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Sunday, 9 October 2022

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Live Immersive Experience by Secret Cinema

The Secret Cinema has hit the headlines recently with a $100million expansion plan funding from TodayTix, the discount ticket platform to find a permanent home in Los Angeles while continuing to deliver wonderful immersive experiences in strange temporary warehouse conversions around the edge of London. We have regularly enjoyed these experiences since our first encounter in an open-air site near the Olympic Park for Back to the Future in 2014 and have seen how their expertise has grown and they have refined the execution and engagement and I suspect the money-making capability!

We had dived into secret missions in Star Wars (2015), adored the cabaret feel of Moulin Rouge (2017), loved the rain falling in Blade Runner (2018), and delighted in the exploration of the different locations in Casino Royal (2019) and were overwhelmed by the weirdness of Stranger Things (2020). In each, we learned that the more you get into it, engage with the characters, and follow the clues the more enjoyable the experience becomes. It helps if you know the backstory and have seen the film, but it is not essential although their cult status as movies adds to the appeal.
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