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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

REVIEW: Sounds and Sorcery Celebrating Disney Fantasia at The Vaults

The Vaults are taking you back to your childhood with a special immersive, Disney experience with Sounds and Sorcery. This concert brigs together the classical music which featured in the 1940’s film and contemporary staging. 

First of all your given a headset, all of the music you’re about to hear plays through a device which reacts to sensors in the area. It’s true, it is innovative especially in one of the rooms which has four different areas to it; when crossing a boundary the music changes; however it doesn’t meet up to the expectations it has set out. The technology really lets the concept down. Cutting out at crucial moments to leave you watching performers panting and audience members walking through beautifully lit and designed areas in silence and it really highlighted the fact that if you can’t do something then you probably shouldn’t. 
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