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Friday, 20 August 2021

REVIEW: Memories of Musicals at the Kilworth House Theatre

Kilworth House Theatre is a delightful venue for anyone living in the Midlands or who fancies a Musical Theatre night away in an elegant Grade II listed hotel. Opened in 2007 by the Producer Celia Mackay, it is a delightful setting in the woodland glade with a purpose-built well equipped 550 seat auditorium, with the lovely Staging Post log cabin next door for Theatre only visitors and the wonderful Orangery Restaurant in the Hotel for those who book for an excellent three-course preshow dinner or overnight stay just a short walk up the hill. It makes for a very convivial evening for friends and families who share a love of live musical theatre.

Of course, its usual routine of one or two fully staged musicals each season (May to September) has not been possible but instead, they have staged this August a very well-produced musical tribute to all its previous productions and a celebration of the best of Musical Theatre which is perfectly judged and welcomed by a loyal audience who I suspect knew many of the songs as well as the cast. However, this is also a very well-cast show with six artists who blend together backed by an excellent band of eight under the lively and passionate direction of MD, George Dyer. They cut the chat to a bare minimum, create slick segues between tunes and pack 48 musical items into the two-hour running time. It’s a joy to watch.
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