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Friday, 11 March 2022

REVIEW: Ghosts of the Titanic at The Park Theatre

It’s always refreshing to see a show that doesn’t need the big stage, fancy costumes and huge sets to be successful. ‘Ghosts of the Titanic’ is exactly that. An intimate show telling the not so intimate story of possibly the most famous shipwreck of all time, the HMS Titanic. Or at least that's what we think is going to be told …

Probably the biggest part of this show is the storyline and what it focuses around, a theory that the HMS Titanic never actually hit an iceberg, that’s what Emma (Genevieve Gaunt) thinks as she begins to question what happens when her fiancĂ© never returns home from the Titanic’s maiden voyage. She confides in Molloy (John Hopkins) who she believes to be a reporter, Insistent on getting her story out there, and also to Swanson (Lizzy McInnerny) at the local news desk. 
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