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Thursday, 16 November 2017

REVIEW: Hiding Heidi at Etcetera Theatre

After 23rd June 2016, many have been wondering about the future of all EU citizens currently residing in the UK. Especially those, like me, who come from Europe and can no longer ignore the incertitude of a future in Britain. Some have already planned to return to their home countries, but many are reluctant to do so, as their entire life is now in the UK.

Playwright and director Ian Dixon Potter explores this issue from a dystopic and near-apocalyptic perspective, depicting a heavily-policed country where drastic measures are taken to prevent the presence of illegal European workers. 

Mid-age engineer Ralph (Richard De Lisle) and his elderly mother Dorothy (Maxine Howard) are looking for a carer, which seems to be an impossible task now that all jobs must be carried out by British people. They end up illegally hiring Heidi (Siobhan Ward), a nurse from an unspecified European country. The woman has been living in Stoke on Trent for nearly five years, before losing her job in a hospital, as a result of the changes in the employment law. She is unwilling to go back to her country, as she admits that all her friends and future plans are based in England, and she's willing to accept an underpaid and potentially risky job rather than leaving.
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