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Thursday, 5 July 2018

REVIEW: Circa: Peepshow at Underbelly London

Hailing from Australia, Circa are one of the world’s leading contemporary circus companies. Since 2004 they have been wowing audiences across the world and becoming a firm Edinburgh Fringe favourite at the Underbelly.

Bringing their latest work to London, Peepshow is a bold and breath-taking production that grabs you hard and doesn’t let go. Director Yaron Lifschitz has turned the traditional ideals of a ‘peepshow’ on its head and while the show is sexy and wild, it is not about gratification and objectifying women which has become so synonymous with the genre.

The show really lent itself to the space and seeing Peepshow in a more traditional space just wouldn’t have the same impact. It’s no wonder the Australian Government are so happy to support their work. This new production only further enhances their reputation and reinforces the plaudits that have followed from their other shows including Humans and Closer.
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