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Sunday, 22 January 2023

REVIEW: Allegiance at the Charing Cross Theatre

There are significant moments in history that are not taught in schools or generally known in the public domain, somehow, they’ve been conveniently erased. Worldwide screen and stage icon George Takei is determined that his family's story is not forgotten, a story that happened to over 120,000 people living in America who were of Japanese origin. Thanks to Mr. Takei, their story is being told in the form of a musical that has arrived in the West End for the New Year. After a triumphant world premiere in San Diego, a run on Broadway and various worldwide productions, it finally lands in London’s Charing Cross Theatre. As a self-confirmed Anglophile, George announces in the show’s programme that performing on a London stage has been a lifelong ambition that he at last gets to live out.

Upon arrival into the auditorium the faint sound of a stereo plays in the background and the stark stage gives several clues to the ominous nature of the upcoming action. To the side of the stage are several wooden poles topped with strips of barbed wire. The theatre has members of the audience on both sides of the stage giving the feeling of being in the round, this helps to enhance the overall experience. 
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