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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Famous Celebrities who love bingo | 666 Casino #Ad

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Bingo is a game that can be enjoyed by anybody, it is universal and its popularity transcends countries and cultures. That being said, there are a few surprising famous names who enjoy bingo - deposit on 666casino.

Perhaps due to the universal appeal of the game we shouldn’t be that surprised that celebrities enjoy a simple game of bingo, it is a fun game. Below is a short list of celebrities who love bingo and a deeper look into why. Some of them may even enjoy bingo more than the regulars at the local bingo hall.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

World famous footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been known to enjoy bingo games. While growing up in Portugal Ronaldo never encountered the game, but when he moved to Manchester to play under Sir Alex Ferguson for Manchester United he was given a DVD of the popular game to help him learn the local phrases and terminology and this was where his love for bingo first developed! Since then he has even been quoted as describing bingo as a ‘very exciting’ game. Not only does this demonstrate the quality of the game but also how helpful bingo can be when learning a new language! 

Russell Crowe 

The Academy Award winning actor may have appeared in classic films such as Gladiator and Les Misérables but he wasn’t always a successful actor, he actually had a previous career involving bingo. He was in fact a number caller in the local bingo hall in his native New Zealand before he became a famous actor. Interestingly his love for the game doesn’t appear to have wavered since, there have been several sightings of him at his local bingo hall. 

Are Bingo Bars The New Trend? | Barbados Bingo #Ad

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Bingo has undergone something of a major transformation recently and most, but not all bingo punters have welcomed these changes. These come hot on the heels of another major upheaval within this industry that has caused the game to move from its traditional roots, to a modern virtual online platform - click here. Usually changes are slow, but with bingo it has been fast and continuous since the digital revolution.
Bingo and The Digital Revolution 

It was hard for bingo to resist the digital revolution and if it did, it would have been left behind as a gambling game. The fact that bingo embraced technology means that it has survived and come out the other side bigger and more popular than ever. Bingo was made more accessible when it moved online in 1996, but it wasn’t an instant hit like slots games. Bingo had to wait until 2003 before it became an online success and this was cemented a few years later when mobile bingo was invented. 

A New Bingo Audience 

Online bingo helped the game grow and appeal to a much wider audience and this included a much younger cliental. This new crowd was not satisfied with just playing bingo online, they wanted to experience the game at land-based bingo halls too. These venues were only too eager to welcome this new hip crowd that were seen as the future of the game. Obviously, traditional bingo halls were not going to score highly with youngsters and because bingo establishments wanted to keep and attract more young punters, they were prepared to pander to their every need. 

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Casino Commandments: The Don’ts of Gambling | 666 Casino #Ad

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If you fancy playing casino games online, there is so much choice, you’ll be blown away by all the different games you can play including slots, Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. But before you jump at the chance to play the array of exciting 666 casino games, cast your eyes over these casino commandments to discover the do’s and don’ts of gambling so you can get off to a winning start! Here’s some things you should do to give you the best gambling experience... 

Online Gambling Do’s:

  • First off, set yourself a budget that you would be comfortable spending and most importantly, make sure you don’t go over this limit! 

  • Secondly, it might be a good idea to set time limits on your gambling, to make sure you don’t let your gambling get in the way of spending time doing other important things like spending time with friends and family.

  • Another handy limit to put on your gambling is a winning limit. This is an upper limit on how much you would be happy to win before you walk away so that when you win you don’t then gamble away your winnings. 

  • You should try and avoid borrowing money, either from a lending facility or from family and friends to fund your gambling. You should only gamble what you can afford and only gamble your disposable income.

  • Make sure you read all of the terms and conditions and the betting requirements for the game you’re playing before you play, gambling and winging it doesn’t go hand in hand! 

  • Make sure you read the game description so you can familiarise yourself with the game, especially if you’re playing a game where you are unsure of the game rules like Blackjack.

  • If you’re playing slot, check out the game descriptions to find out more about the features and bonuses in the game as well as the RTP - this will help you decide which slot game is the best for you.  


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

10 Things to Know Before Playing on an Online Casino | King Casino #Ad

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Many people who have visited a land-based casino have not played online before. If this sounds like you, or you would simply like to know more about playing on an online casino, then read on.

It is always helpful to be prepared before you embark on playing a new type of game at Equipped with these handy tips, you will be more ready to win a tasty jackpot and log off happy.

#1 It is Important to Make the Most of Promotional Offers

Online casinos are vying for you to join them. As a result, they will offer great welcome offers to entice you in. It is worth shopping around for a promotion that excites you, whether it be free spins or free money to bet with.

#2 You Should Always Bet Responsibly

Online casinos usually involve players playing at home by themselves. You therefore need to have self-discipline and ensure you stop playing when the fun stops. Try setting a specific amount of money you are happy to bet with and stick to it.

#3 Online Casino Games are Not Rigged

All licenced and regulated online casinos offer fair games based on random number generators. They are set to certain payout percentages but do produce random results each turn. It is therefore difficult to predict the result of a spin.

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