Invite us to your Show: Guidelines

So you want to invite us/other theatre reviewers to see your show? We have put together a guide for you to follow which makes both our jobs easy. Especially for beginners who may be putting on a new show and want some coverage, possibly even beneficial for old pros to see what it's like from our end! 
Send us all the information in a press release.  

Some people have preferences; information in the email or a PDF. Here at Pocket, we don't mind. As long as the information is clear. The press night should be very easily seen, if you're flexible with dates then that's ok too! Just be very clear about when and where you are inviting us. An unclear press release or invitation will be ignored. 

Include images in the press release.  

Attached to the email is fine, but personally, we love a dropbox link! (Or something similar) Easy and the best quality. Include different sizes of Artwork, remember we use these on social media so images that fit these are best. 

Not a professional? No fear. 

We are very open to seeing so many different kinds of theatre and if you're anxious about sending out your first press release then do not fear! As long as you include all the relevant information we shall consider attending. However, we do not attend amateur or drama school productions. 

Email the correct email address. 

Although we do go through all our emails, sending them to the correct address is vital as it helps us out. We have a Press email account for invitations and releases ( and a general contact address for other enquiries ( A little bit of a pet peeve when it's sent to the wrong one.

Worried about not receiving a reply?

Don't worry, we look at every invitation and they do get circulated through our team. If you do not receive a response it may be because no one is available. If you'd like to follow it up, please do. But don't worry if no response is given, we're all busy and it's most likely due to availability. But please know that your email has not been ignored! We make sure every email is read! 

Looking for editorial or interview opportunities rather than a review? 

This comes under a sponsored post for us, so please check out these rates. We all understand that coverage on shows is important so just get in contact and we can discuss what we can do for each other. 

Post-Press Night 

A follow-up email is always lovely, if you'd like us to send the review directly to you then please state this as it can be done at the time of publishing. PLEASE send the images of the production before (if possible) the show. We like to get the reviews out as soon as possible so if we're waiting for production pictures it can delay the review. 

Not happy with the review? 

Tough. If it's bad, it can be a little rubbish for the show but this is a result of putting on public shows and inviting the industry. Luckily we live in a world where reviews don't influence people's chances of seeing the show, we have moved on. Reviews are now just opinions and people love to talk about things. In fact, a bad review might even encourage people to come! There is no such thing as bad press. 

Good review? Quote us! 

By all means, quote us on social media and use our star rating to promote your show. We love it! Just please link us correctly and use 'Pocket Size Theatre'. You'd be surprised how many people get our name wrong. 

Any questions? Get in touch. We would love to help if we can. 
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