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We encourage all our reviewers to have an open mind when attending all shows. What’s fantastic about all those who work for Pocket is their enthusiasm for the Arts. All reviews are simply opinions of those who attend the show and we encourage all our readers to go and support all kinds of theatre and make up their own mind about the productions! 

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Meet the Reviewing Team:

Andy Edmeads | Reviewer 

Andy joined us in September 2014. 

Favourite Musical: Matilda
Favourite Play: Streetcar Named Desire at the National with Glenn Close. 
Worst thing I've ever seen: Shawshank Redemption on tour was pretty bad or probably something at the Fringe that I fell asleep in! 
First-ever show: Asides from village hall Pantomimes, it would have been A Midsummer Night's Dream. 
Fun Fact: I am a voice on a Harry Potter video game. 

Ian Marshall | Reviewer 

Ian joined us in March 2019.

Favourite Musical: Sunset Boulevard
Favourite Play: Private Lives
First-ever show: I’m pretty sure it was Joseph
Worst thing I've ever seen: Man of La Mancha - the cast were great, but the show itself is terrible
Fun Fact: I once spent a week with Stephen Sondheim

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Stephanie Osztreicher | Reviewer

Stephanie joined us in December 2020.

Favourite Musical: The Sound of Music
Favourite Play: Einstien on The Beach (so much more than a play but will stick with me forever)
First-ever show: The Wizard of Oz
Worst thing I've ever seen: I was really not into the stage adaptation of Ghost
Fun Fact: I vividly remember my first theatre credit as a tree in the nativity play at 4years old. I since went on to playing numerous trees in university and beyond. Childhood dreams are dangerous.

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Brian Penn | Reviewer 

Brian Joined us in August 2021. 

Favourite Musical: Oliver! A great musical full of showstoppers. It even starts with a showstopper!
Favourite Play: Death of a Salesman at the Piccadilly Theatre. I was there the night before the roof fell in.
First-ever show: The Dad's Army Revue show (featuring the original cast!) at the Shaftsbury Theatre in 1976.
Worst thing I've ever seen: Idol Berserker at the Barbican. The cast pelted the audience with water and seaweed. I just didn't get it.
Fun Fact: In a former job I used to arrange warrants for arrest. Then got them released when they cooperated with the court. A night in the cells usually concentrates the mind. 

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Hannah Storey | Reviewer 

Hannah joined us in November 2018 

Favourite musical: Once or Hamilton 
Favourite play: Ferryman or Every Brilliant Thing
Worst thing I've ever seen: Saint George and the Dragon
First-ever show: Probably a ballet, I think it was The Snowman! 
Fun fact: Couldn’t decide between going into vet science or working in theatre at the end of school- quite last minute I decided to jump into theatre producing!

Anna Smith | Reviewer 

Anna joined us in June 2020. 

Favourite Musical: Come From Away
Favourite Play: Trainspotting Live
First-ever show: Grease
Worst thing I've ever seen: An RSC family show from a little while ago; The Mouse and His Child (it’s the only thing I’ve ever left at the interval)
Fun Fact: I’m really flexible but no-one believes me until they make me prove it

Mark Swale | Reviewer

Mark joined us in February 2015. 

Favourite Musical: The Toxic Avenger!
Favourite Play: People, Places and Things.
Worst thing I've ever seen: Flashdance on tour. Awful.
First-ever show: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the New London! 
Fun Fact: I may be a reviewer by night, but by day I am a Hairstylist! 

Adam Tipping | Reviewer

Adam joined us in December 2018. 

Favourite Musical: Book of Mormon! (Camp tap dancing Mormons, you can’t beat it!)
Favourite Play: Anything Mischief Theatre! Probably Comedy about a Bank Robbery
First-ever show: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in London 
Worst thing I've ever seen: Spamalot (I just didn’t get the humour?!) 
Fun Fact: I have performed at The Lowry Theatre Manchester myself! 

Max Topliss | Reviewer 

Max Joined us in October 2019. 

Favourite Musical: Dear Evan Hansen
Favourite Play: Anything by Pinter... but also Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
First-ever show: Woking panto when I was about 5 years old. But the first show I distinctly remember was The Lion King
Worst thing I've ever seen: Does Fox's 'Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again' count? That was diabolical. 
Fun Fact: I sit on the board of directors as a trustee for a children's charity that, amongst other fundraising ventures, stages semi-pro theatre productions to buy life-enhancing equipment for local children with disabilities

Nick Wayne | Reviewer 

Nick joined us in February 2017. 

Favourite Musical: Guys and Dolls –Richard Eyre production at NT in 1982. 
Favourite Play: One man, two Governors’ with James Cordon NT in 2011. 
Worst thing I've ever seen: Troilus and Cressida Barbican 1985 set in Crimean war?! The only show we have ever left at the interval!
First-ever show: Billy at Drury Lane in 1974 with Michael Crawford. 
Fun Fact: I was a Carbon Arc Follow spot operator for the Fenn Street Gang pantomime Aladdin in Southampton in December 1975. 

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