Pocket Size Theatre was founded in 2012 and along these past few years has grown bigger by the day. 

We are now recognised in the top 10 theatre blogs by Cision and the top 30 Theatre Blogs by Feedspot. And most recently we've been placed at #1 in the Top 50 Theatre Blogs list by Score Big and we were nominated for Best Theatre Blog in the 2014 Wilma Awards.

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Meet the team:

Jay | Founding Editor

Jay founded the website in 2012 and runs all the behind the scenes stuff. Organising the events, reviews, features and being the man behind the emails!

Favourite Musical: Evita
Favourite Play: Regent's Park production of A Midsummer Nights Dream in 2012.
First ever show: My family used to take me to Panto every year but first ever musical was a touring production of Beaty and the Beast.
Worst thing I've ever seen: I Can't Sing... sorry!
Fun Fact: The sound of car horns irritates the hell out of me.

Harriet | Editorial Executive 

Harriet joined us in July 2014. 

Harriet first started to write for Pocket back in 2014 and has since grown to become our Executive Editor. She has an inspiring passion for theatre and a strong opinion to go along with that! Forever a valued member of the Pocket team.

Favourite Musical: Picking one is an impossible task! It'll have to go to Wicked and Legally Blonde. Les Mis is a very close third!
Favourite Play: Closer by Patrick Marber.
Worst thing I've ever seen: the 2014 tour of Pride and Prejudice I saw has to be up there (or should I say down?).
First ever show: Beauty And The Beast, West End 1999.
Fun Fact: I've known Pocket's editor, Jay since he was 6 years old. We went to singing, dance and drama classes together for almost a decade!

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James-Lee Campbell | Reviewer

James joined us in May 2017. 

Favourite Musical: A Chorus Line.
Favourite Play: The Love of a Nightingale by Timberlake Wertinbaker.
Worst thing I've ever seen: The Craig Reveal Harwood revival of Chess.
First ever show: Cats.
Fun Fact: I transfer all of my sweets into Tupperware before going into a theatre to stop from being the cause of rusting, is that interesting?

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Andy Edmeads | Reviewer 

Andy joined us in September 2014. 

Favourite Musical: Matilda
Favourite Play: Streetcar Named Desire at the National with Glenn Close.
Worst thing I've ever seen: Shawshank Redemption on tour was pretty bad or probably something at the Fringe that I fell asleep in!
First ever show: Asides from village hall Pantomimes, it would have been A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Fun Fact: I am a voice on a Harry Potter video game.

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Marianna Meloni | Reviewer 

Marianna joined us in September 2016. 

Favourite Musical: Dreamboats and Petticoats at the Playhouse Theatre in 2012.
Favourite Play: The Play that goes Wrong at Trafalgar Studios 2 in 2013!
Worst thing I've ever seen: A family friendly circus show that ended up being two naked men on stage.
First ever show: Madame Butterfly by Giacoma Puccini at the Cagliari Opera Theatre (Italy) in the late 90's.
Fun Fact: I love snoozing in the theatre... except when I'm reviewing, of course!

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Mark Swale | Reviewer

Mark joined us in February 2015. 

Favourite Musical: The Toxic Avenger!
Favourite Play: People, Places and Things.
Worst thing I've ever seen: Flashdance on tour. Awful.
First ever show: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! Classic!
Fun Fact: As well as being a theatre enthusiast, I'm also a trained hairdresser. 

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Sophie Tergeist | Reviewer

Sophie joined us in September 2014. 

Favourite Musical: Miss Saigon in London.
Favourite Play: The Enemy of the People at the Barbican by the German Schaub├╝hne group.
Worst thing I've ever seen: I went to a comedy night in Soho once and one of the acts was so bad, people walked out. This was embarrassing for everyone.
First ever show: I saw a lot of circus when I was a kid, and I also remember Riverdance.
Fun Fact: I'm very literal: sometimes it's hard for me to know if you're joking or not!

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Nick Wayne | Reviewer

Nick joined us in February 2017.

Favourite Musical: Guys and Dolls –Richard Eyre production at NT in 1982.
Favourite Play: One man, two Governors’ with James Cordon NT in 2011.
Worst thing I've ever seen: Troilus and Cressida Barbican 1985 set in Crimean war?! Only show we have ever left at interval!
First ever show: Billy at Drury Lane in 1974 with Michael Crawford.
Fun Fact: I was a Carbon Arc Follow spot operator for the Fenn Street Gang pantomime Aladdin in Southampton in December 1975.

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Anna Williams | Reviewer

Anna joined us in May 2017. 

Favourite Musical: The Book of Morman
Favourite Play: Fleabag by Drywrite
Worst thing I've ever seen: Piff the Magic Dragon at the Fringe 2012
First ever show: Starlight Express 1993
Fun Fact: If I need to stay awake during a show I chew 3 pieces (minimum) of Airwaves gum to keep me alert!

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Pocket Size Theatre works with a team of reviewers, some of whom are not listed above. These are simply our regular writers.

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