Saturday, 29 October 2022

REVIEW: Daddy Issues at The Seven Dials playhouse

Welcome to Imi’s (Bebe Cave) Halloween Vlog, and it’s all about the wake of Roger, Imi’s beloved dog who has sadly passed. It doesn’t help the wake happens to be on the year anniversary of her dad's suicide., All a bit much really and mourning both her dad and Roger you wonder if Imi is as ok as she’s saying to all those viewers? 

Andrew Exeter’s set immediately gives us the homely feel that would befit a girl in her room about to do a live video, a vibrant coloured backdrop with cupboards, windows, photos of the dog, the lot … and the ashes of Roger taking centre stage. As she begins to ramble through her video the voices of both her dad (James Cardigan) and Grandad (Richard Hope) play over in her head in various scenes, it then quickly becomes a three-way conversation with her, the viewers and the voices in her head. 

Bebe Cave deserves heaps of praise, from start to finish she’s energetic and gives everything in this one-woman show. Humorous one-liners constantly maintain our attention yet are predictable. The writing occasionally drags and doesn't deliver the intended shock towards the climax of the show. 

The show does have its endearing and heartfelt moments for sure, it’s an honest look into mental health and the struggles of facing it alone. We feel for Imi and her obvious cry for help. It’s written with a delicacy and intimacy from Lewis Cornay that showcases its strengths more than its weaknesses.

Combining the writing along with inventive and clever use of such an intimate space from director Jane Moriaty, you have a show that pulls at the heartstrings but just misses packing that knockout punch. 

Review by George Butler

Rating: ★★★

Seat: B1 | Price of Ticket: £30

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