Wednesday, 15 June 2022

REVIEW: BenDelaCreme is… Ready To Be Committed at the Leicester Square Theatre

With summer fast approaching, we plunge into a jam-packed season of ‘I do’s’, bridezillas and vows… and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good wedding? Well, if the happiest day of your life is what you’re looking for, Drag Race royalty BenDeLaCreme has the answer you are looking for! You are cordially invited to a front-row seat at the most unusual wedding of the year in her latest international one-woman show, ‘BenDelaCreme is… Ready To Be Committed’, currently playing at the Leicester Square Theatre, London. 

Having been a fan of her work since her original season on the smash-hit reality show, I jumped at the chance to join her down the aisle by snapping up a ticket, and I certainly didn’t regret it! 

From the minute she stepped on stage, it was undeniably clear that we were in the hands of a true professional, and seasoned cabaret legend. There is something extremely special about being able to command a stage the minute you walk on it, and DeLa had no problem welcoming us into her delightfully camp and the effervescent world with humour, ease, and infectious energy. 

BenDeLaCreme is the perfect example that true talent doesn’t come from extravagant sets, and death drops, but from a raw, dynamic, and thought-provoking individual. From start to finish, the one-act show was full of zingers, punchlines, innuendos, and references guaranteed to make you laugh, while touching on important, outdated traditions and views on marriage. 

Featuring original songs, multiple fabulous costumes, penis puppetry, and a one-woman/cat hybrid tango towards death, this show is a non-stop delightful tour of all things magnificent within the drag and cabaret scenes. 

This production is a refreshing, welcome reminder of timeless humour, delivered through a wonderfully queer spectacle of characterization, absurdity, and creativity; truly highlighting once again how joyous and brilliant BenDeLaCreme is as a stand-alone artist outside of the realms of Drag Race. 

If you’re looking for your weekly dose of drag and live theatre, so ‘I do!’ to a ticket to this show! One thing is for sure, it will be unlike any wedding you have ever attended before! 

Review by Adam Tipping 

Rating: ★★★★
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