Friday, 14 January 2022

REVIEW: Cirque Du Soleil - ‘Luzia’ at The Royal Albert Hall

Recognised globally for its spectacular performances, Cirque Du Soleil is a phenomenon. Continuing to amaze and leave audiences in awe around the world year after year. In the newest entry in the Cirque Du Soleil catalogue, it’s Luzia, a celebration of Mexico and the vibrant and colourful culture the country is known for. 

Much like its predecessors, Luzia has its moments of spectacle and elements to captivate, amaze (The many rain scenes in particular highly impressive) and even shock (Referring of course to the world bendiest man, I can only imagine the faces pulled under peoples masks throughout his section). It manages to expertly cater to all ages, the older generations leaving thoroughly blown away and the younger generation no doubt a part of the show imprinted in their minds, something they’ll most definitely never forget. 

I suppose the only real critique could be for those who have seen a previous production, who many come away thinking that the previous had more within it. Though Luzia has its moments of magic at times some scenes fill ever so slightly dragged out, after a while, it begins to almost feel ‘how many times can they do this again. Let this take nothing away from the show however as it is fantastic. 

Those going to the show know there isn’t really a plot, but are going there to be transported away to a place of wonders. With many shows requiring attention as to what’s happening and a story to follow, it's refreshing to be able to switch off and just enjoy the spectacle to which Luzia certainly is. 

Whatever the occasion, be it a celebration, night out or just simply seeing something different, prepare to be amazed at the various incredible displays on show from a production that has, does and will continue to entertain. 

Review by George Butler

Rating: ★★★★

Seat: Stalls Row 9, J51 | Price of Ticket: £135
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