Friday, 10 December 2021

REVIEW: Sh!t-faced Showtime ‘A Pissedmas Carol’ at The Leicester Square Theatre

Get a group of actors together to put on ‘A Christmas Carol’ and get one of them completely drunk beforehand and what do you get, chaos? … absolutely! But a comedic 90-minute chaotic affair, at the expense of everyone but the drunk actor! 

Except for a compare who explains the proceedings of the show, the premise is pretty much self-explanatory. The. It’s a wait to find out who is tonight’s drunk addition before the show begins. 

What makes the show work so well is the complete unpredictability of the show. Naturally, the sober cast members do their best to navigate their way through the script, however, it’s not that simple when a drunk cast member has other ideas. The cast does exceptionally well it must be said, to continue with the story as it goes more or less off at a complete tangent (I’m certain I’ll never see ‘A Christmas Carol’ I’m quite the same way!) but remain composed throughout. 

With that said the main appeal to this show is the fact it’s performed throughout with an entirely drunk actor. It’s a tiny theatre space so naturally, the show isn’t laden with huge sets and special effects, but it’s more for the comedic value from the performers. The cast is very talented and the ability to quickly improvise throughout as the story changes drastically is very impressive. 

By no means is this show a spectacle, nor will you leave feeling blown away. However much like a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, it’s undoubtedly a jolly festive treat that spreads some much needed Christmas cheer. 

Review by George Butler

Rating: ★★★

Seat: D16 | Price of Ticket: £26.50

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