Tuesday, 22 December 2020

The Best Onstage Quick Changes in Musical Theatre!

I am an absolute sucker for a quick change and an onstage quick change, I am all for! The little theatre kid in me absolutely LIVES for these in musicals because that's what I used to pretend to do in my bedroom (just me...?). The designers on these shows are incredible and do not get enough credit in general but certainly don't get the credit they deserve for these cool and innovative changes on stage! Take a look at our list and tweet us ones we've missed! 

Mean Girls | Cady Hearon in Revenge Party

Heathers | Heather Duke in Never Shut up Again 

Frozen | Elsa in Let it Go

Six | Anna of Cleves in Get Down


The Wizard of Oz | Dorothy in Land of Oz

Beetlejuice | Creepy Old Guy

Aladdin | Jafar


Dreamgirls | Effie in I am Changing


The Drowsy Chaperone | Janet in Show Off

Cinderella | Cinderella changes into her Ballgown 

Legally Blonde |  Elle Woods in OMIGOD You Guys 

The Book of Mormon | The Mormons in Turn it Off 

The GIFS used in this article are not owned by Pocket Size Theatre. Found and collected online, the content and images are the property of the original productions and the designers. 

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