Thursday, 17 December 2020

Famous Celebrities who love bingo | 666 Casino #Ad

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Bingo is a game that can be enjoyed by anybody, it is universal and its popularity transcends countries and cultures. That being said, there are a few surprising famous names who enjoy bingo - deposit on 666casino.

Perhaps due to the universal appeal of the game we shouldn’t be that surprised that celebrities enjoy a simple game of bingo, it is a fun game. Below is a short list of celebrities who love bingo and a deeper look into why. Some of them may even enjoy bingo more than the regulars at the local bingo hall.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

World famous footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been known to enjoy bingo games. While growing up in Portugal Ronaldo never encountered the game, but when he moved to Manchester to play under Sir Alex Ferguson for Manchester United he was given a DVD of the popular game to help him learn the local phrases and terminology and this was where his love for bingo first developed! Since then he has even been quoted as describing bingo as a ‘very exciting’ game. Not only does this demonstrate the quality of the game but also how helpful bingo can be when learning a new language! 

Russell Crowe 

The Academy Award winning actor may have appeared in classic films such as Gladiator and Les Misérables but he wasn’t always a successful actor, he actually had a previous career involving bingo. He was in fact a number caller in the local bingo hall in his native New Zealand before he became a famous actor. Interestingly his love for the game doesn’t appear to have wavered since, there have been several sightings of him at his local bingo hall. 
Gary Barlow 

The ever popular member of band Take That, Gary Barlow has often spoken of his love of the game during interviews. He even took his love further than most when he mixed his 10th anniversary wedding celebrations with a game of bingo, further cementing his love and commitment to the game as well as his wife! 

Robbie Williams 

Another Take That member, albeit a former one, Robbie Williams has been outspoken on his love for bingo. Organising bingo events across Hollywood as well as in Williams’ native UK, he has held many games in an effort to raise money for charity. Using something he loves to do something good is part of what makes the artist so popular with fans today! 

Mick Jagger 

He may be the lead singer of the rock and rock band The Rolling Stones but that hasn’t stopped Mick Jagger from enjoying bingo! For some, bingo and rock and roll may not be the first things someone would imagine going together but as Mick Jagger clearly demonstrates, it is a match made in heaven. Jagger is known to host his very own bingo parties at his home. 


No matter who you are and whatever background you have, famous or not, bingo is a beloved game by everybody. Being a game where literally anybody can win, with equal odds for everyone, it is easy to see the appeal.

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