Thursday, 17 December 2020

Are Bingo Bars The New Trend? | Barbados Bingo #Ad

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Bingo has undergone something of a major transformation recently and most, but not all bingo punters have welcomed these changes. These come hot on the heels of another major upheaval within this industry that has caused the game to move from its traditional roots, to a modern virtual online platform - click here. Usually changes are slow, but with bingo it has been fast and continuous since the digital revolution.
Bingo and The Digital Revolution 

It was hard for bingo to resist the digital revolution and if it did, it would have been left behind as a gambling game. The fact that bingo embraced technology means that it has survived and come out the other side bigger and more popular than ever. Bingo was made more accessible when it moved online in 1996, but it wasn’t an instant hit like slots games. Bingo had to wait until 2003 before it became an online success and this was cemented a few years later when mobile bingo was invented. 

A New Bingo Audience 

Online bingo helped the game grow and appeal to a much wider audience and this included a much younger cliental. This new crowd was not satisfied with just playing bingo online, they wanted to experience the game at land-based bingo halls too. These venues were only too eager to welcome this new hip crowd that were seen as the future of the game. Obviously, traditional bingo halls were not going to score highly with youngsters and because bingo establishments wanted to keep and attract more young punters, they were prepared to pander to their every need. 

The New Bingo World 

Young people usually get their social kicks from nightclubs, bars and pubs so an element of all three has been introduced to the newly revamped land-based bingo scene. This means that bingo is no longer the main course instead it comes served with music, alcohol and food. In fact, all these additions have made bingo an even more sociable game to play. Instead of clubbing, young people can spend the night in a bingo bar and play bingo, drink, socialize and dance, much as they would at a nightclub. Some bingo bars have taken things a step further and added comedy acts and cabaret to the mix. 

Final Thoughts 

Bingo bars are definitely a growing trend and a hit with the young. This has helped bring a new audience to land-based bingo venues. Bingo has become hip once more, but at the expense of traditional bingo players, who have propped up the industry for years and for them, feelings that they have been betrayed by the very game they kept alive, are rife. Unfortunately for them, it feels as though the bingo game has moved so far into a new direction that there is no going back. However, the traditional audience may still find solace in the online version of the game. With the introduction of rave bingo as well, the target audience for bricks and mortar bingo venues will continue to be the young.

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