Wednesday, 8 April 2020

15 Production Shots that describe the struggles of a Lockdown

With all this spare time we now have we have decided to bring back our most popular article to date but this time, with a twist. So here it is: 15 Production Shots that describe the struggles of being in a Lockdown! (P.S. before you all come for me, I know this isn't an official lockdown. It's just catchier than Quarantine. Ok thanks.) Enjoy! 

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When your partner tries to make you go to the supermarket for supplies but you're too scared. 

Alistair Brammer and Laura Pick in Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre 
When the supermarket is out of bread. AGAIN. 

Jon Robyns in Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre
How we all imagined we'd look when they told us to 'Work From Home'. 

Tom Bennett and Oscar Conlon-Morrey in Only Fools and Horses at the Theatre Royal Haymarket 
The reality of how we look when we're working from home 

Roger Bart in Back to the Future at the Opera House in Manchester

Two months in and you realise you've let yourself go. Where are the tweezers, razor, face mask and moisturiser?!

Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre

When you go for a walk but have to make sure everyone is at a reasonable distance away from you. 

The cast of SIX at the Arts Theatre (2019) 
You ate all the snacks. Again. 

The cast of Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre (2020)

What your brain looks like after 3 hours of scrolling through Instagram. 

Original West End company of Dear Evan Hansen 
When you found that stash of drink leftover from Christmas in the back of your cupboard.

Jonathon Case and Dominic Short in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre
It's 11pm, you're drunk (again) and you're Lip Syncing to 'Into the Unknown' as you look out of your window. 

Tonye Scott-Obene as Chistery in Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre 

Doing all those Instagram live dance classes in your living room. 

2020 cast of Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre

Everyone who was waiting for Disney+ to finally become available during lockdown. 

Luke Brady in The Prince of Egypt at the Dominion Theatre
Trying to disguise yourself so you can go for your second trip outside of the house that day. 

Claire Machin and Jack North in Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre
Listening to the same podcast for the 7th time because you're too lazy to look up another one. 

Miriam-Teak Lee in & Juliet at the Shaftesbury Theatre
Learning those Tiktok routines with unwilling housemates 

The cast of Magic Goes Wrong at the Vaudeville Theatre

Photo Credit: Matt Crockett (Wicked), Manuel Harlan (Matilda), Tristram Kenton (Prince of Egypt), Matthew Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen), Brinkoff/Moegenburg (Mamma Mia!), Robert Day (Magic Goes Wrong), Sean Ebsworht Barnes (Back to the Future), Johan Persson (& Juliet, Mary Poppins, Les Miserables). 

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