Tuesday, 26 November 2019

REVIEW: White Christmas at The Dominion Theatre

Based on the 1954 movie of the same title, White Christmas has just opened at The Dominion Theatre and we at Pocketsize Theatre were lucky enough to attend the gala night amongst a plethora of Love Islanders, Loose Women and many more stars and press. 

Upon entering the theatre - there were a trio of insanely talented ladies singing Christmas songs in gorgeous three part harmonies. Something that set the tone for the show and encouraged festive cheer. Whether this happens every night, I’m not sure, but for the sakes of both the audience and those three ladies - I sure hope so! 

White Christmas stars Danny Mac & Dan Burton as Bob Wallace & Phil Davis. This gorgeous duo work really well together and bring out the best in each other. Both giving flawless vocals, choreography and acting beats, they really put you at ease. Clare Halse also performs beautifully throughout and is a true example of a triple threat. The rather large ensemble perform the choreography exquisitely and make it look so easy - a true testament to their talents. 

The costume design by Diego Pitarch is absolutely breathtaking and is brought to life by Mark Henderson’s lighting design; something that can be challenging in such a large space. Generally, the design aspect of the show is beautiful and very grand yet minimalistic (if that’s even possible). 

There is always one stand out in the show and that has to be Stephen Mear - the choreographer. The choreography is simply stunning from start to finish and executed with absolute precision and personality by the ensemble. There is not one dancer or piece of choreography that didn’t have its own life and story behind it. Particularly in the opening number, it was sharp and slick and managed to fill the giant theatre. 

Whilst there is very little that I could fault in White Christmas, I have to say that it is just not to my taste. I think it is aimed for the same demographic as An American in Paris and 42nd Street. Don’t get me wrong - it was absolutely stunning but definitely went down better with those with more ‘life experience’ than us millennials. The ticket prices echo this statement too. Definitely not an ‘accessible to all’ production with ticket prices set up to £250. 

Review by Lucas Wang

Rating: ★★★★

Seat: Stalls K13 | Price of Ticket: £175
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