Friday, 18 October 2019

REVIEW: He’s Behind You - The Slasher Panto at The Pleasance Theatre

He’s Behind You - The Slasher Panto has been brought to the Pleasance Theatre by PopHorror with some London Drag stars featured in the leading roles 

The show tells us the story of how a mysterious killer (dressed up as Daisy the Cow) is going around killing all of the fairytale characters and the remaining ones must uncover the killer and save the fairytale world. 

What is wonderful about this cast is that the types of drag we see are so inclusive, in a culture where the world is obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Rae this show opens up your eyes to the types of Drag we have available at our finger tips are its glorious. 

Featuring PoppyCock, V Da Loca, Mynxie, Oedipussi and Carrot in the roles of Cinderella/Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Buttons/Dick Whittington and Damey Lee Curtis. A very talented cast who all brought very different aspects to the production. PoppyCocks stage presence and natural performing talent were brilliant, V Da Loca managed to keep up the energy the entire way through and upon their resurrection really shock up the plot, Mynxie’s comic timing was brilliant and they’re clearly a very talented and experienced comedian, Oedipussi was every level of revolting as Dick and it was just perfect and Carrot’s characterisation of Damey Lee Curtis was so funny and precise. 

Reece Connolly has written and directed this piece, although it would have benefited from a bit more rehearsal the actually material, writing and ideas are certainly the start of something very exciting. 

The thing missing from this was using their casts talents within the production, a panto should have songs and more variety aspects to the production and this did lack in that department. However, as a starting point this show was brilliant. I must highlight Connolly’s writing, he clearly knows how to write a great slasher panto, all the references and topics we’re on point and it was dynamic, punchy and had great comic elements to it. 

This production may only be on for two nights but I absolutely see a future for this, a lot can be improved upon but I have every confidence that it won’t take much to do so. Hopefully this is picked up and some money can be invested in it to really make this the best it can be because I truly believe this has a lot of potential. 

What a perfect way to Welcome in the Autumn/Halloween (and even Christmas!) season! 

Review by Mark Swale 

Rating: ★★★ 

Seat: Unreserved seating | Price of Ticket: £13
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