Saturday, 12 October 2019

INTERVIEW: Luke McCall, about to star in London Musical Theatre Orchestra's A Night At The Musicals

Luke McCall is about to star with the London Musical Theatre Orchestra, in A Night at the Musicals on tour starting with the Royal and Derngate in Northampton on 22nd October. He is the youngest person ever to play the title role in The Phantom of the Opera and Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. He made his West End debut in Les Mis before heading over to Phantom and has since appeared in Man of La Mancha at London Coliseum, followed by the UK and International Tour of Titanic – The Musical. 

You’re appearing in A Night at the Musicals with the London Musical Theatre Orchestra on tour very soon, tell us a bit about how this opportunity came about for you. 

I have worked with LMTO a couple of times singing in their SITZ which is a full score sing through of a musical. 

Tell us a bit about this upcoming show, A Night at the Musicals. 

The show is going to be extremely fun and I know the audience are in for a treat with some incredible talent coming along and a brilliant orchestra playing musicals that everyone knows and love, what more could you want!

What kind of songs can we expect you to sing at London Musical Theatre Orchestra’s A Night at the Musicals? 

I’m not giving anything away, but there will be some HUGE numbers. A few classics, a few funny songs, a few duets, a few group numbers, you’ll have to come along to hear exactly what!

And how do you feel about singing some of those fabulous songs with a full orchestra? 

There’s really nothing like singing with an incredibly talented orchestra, conducted by an incredibly talented man, Mr Freddie Tapner, and I can’t wait.

You only graduated a few years ago and since then you’ve been part of two of the biggest shows in the West End, Les Misérables and Phantom of the Opera. Both shows are on many peoples wish list to be in, were they on yours before you joined? 

Yes, absolutely, they’re both incredible shows, and I’ve been very lucky to be in both of them. When I was in drama school, all I sang was Music of the Night and Bring Him Home, even when my teachers told me to widen my rep!

And you covered both lead roles in them, Jean Valjean and thePhantom. What was it like to play both those roles? 

It was a challenge, especially covering Jean Valjean as my first job out of drama school, but I’ve worked with some amazing actors and directors who have taught me a lot. As for the Phantom, I was a little more settled as I’d had experience playing a lead role in Les Mis, but again, was very lucky to work with an amazing team of people who made the process a lot easier. 

Both Phantom and Les Mis are the longest running musicals in London, what do you think makes them so successful? 

For me, it has to be the music. The music in both of those shows is absolutely beautiful and incredibly powerful, which is why they will both always be around for people to see. 

The version of Les Mis that you were a part of unfortunately will no longer exist, what are your views on the closing and revamping of the show? 

I’ve only ever seen the new production in Spanish, which I thought was a great production. It is sad to see the original version go, but it’s also exciting to have a new version come to town.

And will you be making a return to see the new production? 

Well it’s with great pleasure that I can say I will be in the new production as Coufeyrac and Alternate Jean Valjean!

Having played some amazing roles and been a part of some incredible shows, do you have any dream shows or roles you’d like to play in the future? 

It would be great to play Miss Trunchbull, as that was one of my favourite films as a child. I’d also love to have a go at playing King George in Hamilton.

In one sentence, tell us why everyone should come along to see A Night at the Musicals on tour. 

EVERYONE should come and see A Night at the Musicals on tour because with incredible West End talent and an amazing orchestra, it’s certain to be a night you won’t forget. 

And do you have anything planned for after the tour of A Night at the Musicals?

I will be starting rehearsals for the new production of Les Miserables at the Sondheim Theatre!
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