Friday, 9 August 2019

EDINBURGH FRINGE REVIEW: Apollo: Take 111 at the Zoo Southside

It seems very appropriate in the 50 anniversary year of the first moon landing when Neil Armstrong said those famous words "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" to revisit the conspiracy theories that it never actually happened. This is the premise of this show at the Zoo venue as a cast of five young students imagine that the moon landing was filmed by a hairy film director in the basement of someone's house. 

The show starts bizarrely with a man interviewing people about their moustaches for no obvious reason only to be plucked by a government agency to project manage the filming in his house. The three actors selected to play the astronauts are a method actor who can't remember his lines as Armstrong, a Brit famed for his Hamlet as Collins and a British girl as Aldrin. It does not make any sense and the joke soon wears thin.

The writing is not strong enough, the characters not developed at all, the staging skimpy (two boxes represent the camera) and the effect is tedious and uninteresting. I desperately wanted to find something positive to write for the young performers efforts but in the end I just wanted to escape.

Review by Nick Wayne 

Rating: ★

Seat: unreserved | Price of Ticket: £10
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