Tuesday, 11 June 2019

INTEVRIEW: Vicki Manser, currently in the cast of SIX at the Arts Theatre

Vicki Manser is currently one of the understudies in the hit musical SIX at the Arts Theatre. Her other credits include Swing in Bat Out of Hell (Dominion Theatre), u/s Carole King and Genie Klein in Beautiful the Carole King Musical (Aldwych Theatre), u/s Rasa, Mrs Davies/Marsha, Peggy, Joyce and Gwen in Sunny Afternoon (Harold Pinter Theatre). Other professional credits include Magic at the Musicals with the cast of Sunny Afternoon (The Royal Albert Hall) and a featured dancer for BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Tell us a about what Queens you play. 

I understudy all the Queens but I alternate for Anne Boleyn and Anna of Cleves. They are all amazing! 

What kind of research did you do to prepare for these roles. 

Initially I spent a lot of time watching the current cast because being a cover its important to slot in but since starting I have a new found obsession with Tudor documentaries! I also watched BeyoncĂ©s Live at Roseland before starting as the writers took inspiration from that concert. Its epic! 

How do you identify with these roles? 

Boleyn, I think, is the Queen that's closet to my personality. I have a lot of fun with her! 

As we all know, the Queens are all inspired by certain superstar sensations! When you play the different Queens, who do you like to draw Queenspiration from? 

Cleves is my new money Essex gal! Any excuse to watch TOWIE, I've read all their autobiographies! 

This show has really catapulted into London and people are loving it! Why do you think it has been so successful? 

Because is it pure genius! Amongst all the jokes and amazing soundtrack, serious stories get told and it really makes you think. Although it is girl power through and through, it really is a show for everyone to enjoy! 

Lets go back to the start of your journey with the show, how did you find out about the show? 

When my agent called me with my audition I then watched the performance the girls did at West End live but that's all I'd seen! 

And what was your audition process like? 

Like no other I've ever done! Its the first where I've been in with a group and had to sing in front of everyone else that was auditioning. But it was fun and nice to be able to play off of so many people. 

You joined after the previous run at the Arts Theatre and the UK tour, so how has it been coming into this show after it had already been set up? 

We've been very lucky because the girls put in all the hard graft and we turned up and got to go to the Oliviers! Everyone has been so welcoming though, the fans are amazing! Its like we've been part of the Queen family forever! 

This is your fourth West End Show, how has it having previously played such big houses like the Dominion and now coming into this more intimate venue? 

I actually love that its so intimate because I love playing off peoples reactions and I can see so many faces. 

The fan reaction to this show is quite similar in the way people loved
Bat Out of Hell, in terms of the fans how does Six compare to your previous experience? 

The way that the alternates are loved and appreciated by everyone is like no show I've ever been involved with! I feel so lucky to be a part of it. 

You’ve also joined with your fellow Bat cast member, Courtney Stapleton. How was it having someone familiar to join the show with? 

She's my bestie, it was amazing to start with her! It's like having a safety blanket with you always. Not that we needed it because everyone is so lovely but I want to take her to every job I do now... that's a thing, right? 

Do you have any advice for those who would love to be in this show one day? 

Work hard, be determined and never give up! 

Which one is your favourite Queen and why? 

Boleyn, who doesn't love her?! However I do love singing 'I Don't Need Your Love' though. That song is beautiful! 

Why should people come and see Six? 

Because its the best 75 minutes you'll ever spend!

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