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INTEVRIEW: Natalie Paris, currently in the cast of SIX at the Arts Theatre

Natalie Paris is currently playing the role of Jane Seymour in the hit musical SIX at the Arts theatre after having appeared in the original cast and on the cast album. Her other credits includeMrs Slammekin and Dolly Trull in The Beggar’s Opera (Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre), Totally Over You (Lyric Theatre), Les Miserables (Palace & Queens Theatre), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (London Palladium), Joseph (New London Theatre) Sunday in the Park with George, also singing on the cast recording (Menier Chocolate Factory & Wyndham’s Theatre) and Billy Elliott (Victoria Palace). Natalie also performs regularly as part of a four- part harmony group Sorella (formerly The Stereoettes) and in the last year they have made appearances in venues across the UK including Winter wonderland, Hyde Park, Primo Bar, Westminster, a recent ‘A Capella’ Performance at The London Hippodrome, as well as charity events for the NSPCC and a performance for Sky Television. They have also toured Europe as well as visiting Miami in the USA.

Tell us a bit about Jane Seymour’s Story. 

Jane Seymour was was supposedly the only wife that Henry truly loved. She gave birth to a son, Edward, but unfortunately died a few days later from complications in child birth. There’s a question wether Henry truly loved her for her, or for giving him an heir to the throne. But one thing for sure is that she definitely loved him. 

What kind of research did you do to prepare for the role? 

We did a lot of research on the queens from google & books etc. But one of the most interesting ways to learn about them for me was the Lucy Worsley documentary because she tells it from the wives point of view. It was actually one of the inspirations for the musical. 

How do you identify with the role? 

Obviously I haven’t had a child, so I can’t relate to Jane in that sense, but I do believe that Jane was loyal and had a lot of love to give, and that I most definitely can relate to. I pride myself on being a loyal and kind person and always giving people a chance no matter what, and that’s what I love about Jane too!

The Queenspiration for this role is Adele and Sia, how did you take that inspiration and make it your own? 

I absolutely love a big ballad, so as soon as I heard heart of stone I thought, this is definitely a bit of me! I am so lucky to get to sing this beautiful song every night. 

This show has really catapulted into London and people are loving it! Why do you think it has been so successful? 

The shows success has been so overwhelming and audiences have been incredible. I think that one of the reasons it’s so successful is that, not only is it a fun night out with great music, but there’s so much in the show that you can relate to. It’s touching, it’s funny, modern, it’s sassy, but also full of empowerment with a strong message. 

Lets go back to the start, you were in the original cast of the show in London. What was your audition like? 

My audition was like no audition I have ever experienced! Normally an audition panel don’t give anything away and are a little scary, but after I sung I remember Toby clapping so loudly and saw the big grin on his and Lucy’s face and I instantly thought, omg I want this job! My recall was the same, it was actually just a really fun day with lovely people, didn’t feel like an audition at all. 

And what was the process like for you when you got asked to come back? 

I was so happy to be asked back to do the tour. There were talks about it, but none of us knew it was definitely going ahead, so when I got the call I was so exited! 

Having been in this show previously, how has it been for you to see it evolve and change into what it is today? 

This show has really come on a journey, and to be a part of it whilst it was evolving to what it is now has been really special. From scene changes, to incredible costumes (by the amazing Gabriella Slade) and now the Oliviers - I feel very lucky to have been there through one of the most exiting parts of Six’s story. 

You were recently nominated for an Olivier Award alongside you fellow Queens, congratulations! Tell us about how and where you found out.

The Oliviers was an absolute dream come true. If someone told me I would be a nominee a few years ago I would have never believed them! I was actually at home on my own when I found out and I just burst into tears and called my mum. Even now I’m still pinching myself. 

What was it like representing SIX at the Olivier Awards?

To be at the Oliviers is one thing, but to be able to perform too was a moment I will never ever forget. It was so amazing, after all our hard work to be at the Royal Albert Hall performing together, representing a truly amazing show and being able to tell the stories of 6 amazing women. 

Do you have any advice for those who would love to be in this show one day? 

Any advice I could give someone wanting to be a part of Six one day is, be yourself, love what you do and work hard. 

If you could play any of the other Queens, which one would you play and why? 

If I could be any other queen, it would be Catherine Parr. She was an amazing woman, and also her song in the show is one of my favourites. 

Why should people come and see Six? 

If you want to learn about 6 incredible women, have a fun, empowering & sassy night out, then you HAVE to come and see Six!

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