Thursday, 6 June 2019

INTEVRIEW: Alexia McIntosh, currently in the cast of SIX at the Arts Theatre

Alexia is currently playing the role of Anna of Cleves in the hit musical SIX at the Arts Theatre. Her most recent credits include Godiva Rocks and Save our School Dinners at The Belgrade in Coventry and Tiger Lilly in Peter Pan in Blackpool. Other credits include Mimi in the smash musical ‘Rent’, Tina in the musical comedy, ‘Sister Act’, at The Gordon raig Theatre, and Chief Weasel in The Wind In The Willows.’ at Birmingham Old Rep Other work includes a national tour of Opera For An Unknown Woman for Fuel Theatre As a singer Alexia has travelled around Europe and has performed at the O2 London.

Tell us a bit about Anna of Cleves’ Story. 

She's the 4th Wife, from Germany, she got the best deal! Palaces, money and an entourage!

What kind of research did you do to prepare for the role? 

I had to read History books and lots of googling! We had a discussion of research found with the other Queens, writers and directors. I also Watched Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj concerts! 

How do you identify with the role? 

Cleves is assertive, fun, sassy, comical but also strong and clever. She avoided being beheaded and formed a brother/sister bond with Henry which allowed her to gain riches and freedom.

The Queenspiration for this role is Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, how did you take that inspiration and make it your own? 

When I perform I try to capture the confidence of these women. They have fun personalities and love to get the crowd going and I definitely channel this energy into Cleves. Queen Cleves is living her best life!

This show has really catapulted into London and people are loving it! Why do you think it has been so successful? 

The concept of this musical is amazing. Its a Pop Concert that meets the Tudors! The songs are infectious, costumes are fierce, the writing is factual but the comedy is priceless, not to mention the fantastic all-female band. Every night the atmosphere is electric and the audience really get involved. Real stories told by real women that I feel everyone can connect with. Its a truly inspiring piece that is touching hearts and I'm so grateful to be apart of Herstory in the making!

Lets go back to the start, What was your audition like? 

I got the audition from my agent and it was so much fun. We workshopped with  the other actor’s, it consisted of singing and learning some fun dance choreography.

This is a very female originated show, which is so important right now.
How has it been for you to be apart of this monumental company? 

Its been absolutely life-changing! Such a supportive cast and team, truly are family. To have six female lead roles created alongside all female band is ground-breaking and is so inspiring for all women who want to get in to this industry, especially the youth. I love my job!

You were recently nominated for an Olivier Award alongside you fellow Queens, congratulations! Tell us about how and where you found out.

I was out and about ricking things off my  ‘to-do list' and the Six WhatsApp group was going crazy! I literally started crying in shock! 

What was it like representing SIX at the Olivier Awards?

The whole day was a fairytale, and to perform with my Queens and be there with the whole team was absolutely magical.

Do you have any advice for those who would love to be in this show one day?

Dreams are achievable. Work hard be consistent; if you fall, get back up and fix that Crown and you will succeed!  

If you could play any of the other Queens, which one would you play and why? 

I love Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Songs are Lit Lit! So much fun and sass! I Love costumes.

Why should people come and see Six? 

It’s a show for everyone! Its so much fun and its also factual and comical. The songs, stage, costumes, band, everything is epic! The stories are interesting and relatable. Audiences will definitely be entertained!

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