Saturday, 2 March 2019

REVIEW: Ginerline: The Grand Expedition

Gingerline’s Grand Expedition is a fascinating immersive dining experience, hidden in a mysterious space in London. Previously located at a secret venue on the East London London (distinctly ginger), Gingerline have now moved onto the Victoria Line. Although sworn to secrecy on details of the show, I can reveal several elements of how exhilarating this unforgettable evening was. 

Entering in a Tardis-like manner through a tiny door, we were led into the banquet area. The set instantly blew me away and set my imagination running wild for the evening ahead. Each scene took us around the world and the cast gave a phenomenal performance with faultless choreography and masses of energy. They were all incredibly expressive and spectacular at drawing the diners in to participate in dances and short role plays. At no point was anyone pressured into contributing to the performance too much or led out of their comfort zone- often the case in immersive productions.

The illustrations in the film clips were enchanting and hugely enjoyable, however, the narration was too loud and mostly difficult to understand. The journey we were taken on was largely visual and although the voiceover set the scene, it wasn’t necessary for us to understand the story.

The experience was enhanced by the fascinating 5-course menu we were served. We tasted a range of authentic food from many cultures, which was adventurous and surprising. I certainly left very full of delicious new foods I had never tried before. The quality of the dishes was outstanding and they very well paced; there was enough time to enjoy the live performances between courses without longing for the next course to be served. Time sped by and was made more fun by the group tables. I particularly enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing this other-worldly evening together. I would recommend booking in with at least one other person for optimal enjoyment!

Theatre, dance, animation and culinary excellence combine to create a delightful
evening journeying back in time exploring new lands. The creativity and planning that goes into a show like The Grand Expedition is inspiring, there is no doubt why it is currently sold out (with a further ticket release imminent). I cannot recommend this magical event highly enough.

Review by Hannah Storey

Rating: ★★★★★

Seat: Allocated tables | Price of Ticket: £60-75

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