Tuesday, 9 October 2018

THEN AND NOW: Starlight Express

Starlight Express broke down all the barriers when it opened in the West End in 1984, putting things on stage that had never been done before. After countless productions around the World, its now a household name and instantly recognisable across the globe. Its holds the World record for being one of the longest running sit down productions in the World after the Bochum production celebrated its 30th Birthday this year. The thing that we found super cool about this show is how its evolved through the years, different productions have some completely different designs and its really interesting to see how its altered through time. Productions that are included here include the original West End run, the 1992 revamp of the show, UK tours and the Bochum production, both past companies and the current revamped version made especially for the 30th year. Take a look and share your favourite moments of the show with us on Twitter! @PocketSizeBlog #PocketThenNow  


Ray Shell (1984), Paul Baker (1994), James Gillan (2004), Kevin Kohler (2014) & Blake P Anderson (2018)


Stephanie Lawrence (1984), Cheryl McAvoy (1998), Amanda Coutts (2012), Trina Hill (2014) & Georgina Hagen (2018)


Jeff Shankley (1984), Tony Rouse (1994), Dustin Dubreuil (2001), Tom Kanavan (2004) & Ben Carruthers (2018)


Frances Ruffelle (1984), Caron Cardelle (1992), Tanya Rob (2004), Emma Prosser (2015) & Rose Ouellette (2018)


Jeffery Daniel (1984), John Partridge (1992), Mykal Rand (2006), Jeffery Socia (2015) & Sjoerd Van Der Meer (2018)


Nancy Wood (1984), Voyd (1992), Kimmi Richards (2007), Carla Pullen (2015) & Veronica Hammer (2018, turned into Carrie the Luggage Cart)


Lon Satton (1984), Trevor Michael Georges (1999), Anton Stephens (2004), David E Moore (2015), & Reva Rica (2018, changed to Mama)


Chrissy Wickman (1984), Samantha Lane (1992), Amy Thronton (2006), Emily Beth Harrington (2015) & Rochelle Sherona (2018, changed to Belle the Bar Car)


Michael Staniforth (1984), Kapa Kitchen (1997), Cameron Nelson (2007), Andrew Prosser (2014) & Daniel Ellison (2018)
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