Sunday, 9 September 2018

THEN AND NOW: Wicked the Musical

Wicked has a huge place in the musical theatre hall of Fame now, being an international hit the show still runs on Broadway after 15 years and 12 years in the West End. Although the show hasn't changed very much from the original Broadway production, we look back at the years the show has been running across a few productions. The original Broadway production, one of the first West End companies, the non-replica production in Copenhagen, a few different companies along the West End run and the current cast we have here in London. Take a look and share your favourite moments of the show with us on Twitter! @PocketSizeBlog #PocketThenNow  


Idina Menzel (2003), Kerry Ellis (2007), Maria Lucia (2011), Louise Dearman (2012) & Alice Fearn (2018)


Krsitin Chenoweth (2003), Helen Dallimore (2007), Annette Heick (2011), Chandra Lee Schwartz (2012) & Sophie Evans (2018) 


Norbert Leo Butz (2003), Oliver Tompsett (2007), John Martin Bengtsson (2011), Matt Willis (2012) & David Witts (2018)

Madam Morrible

Carole Shelley (2003), Harriet Thorpe (2008), Marianne Mortensen (2011), Louise Plowright (2012) & Melanie La Barrie (2018) 

The Wizard

Joel Grey (2003), Nigel Planer (2007), Steen Springborg (2011), Keith Bartlett (2012) & Andy Hockley (2018)


Christopher Fitzgerald (2003), James Gillan (2007), Kim Hammelsvang Henriksen (2011), Sam Lupton (2012) & Jack Lansbury (2018)


Michelle Fender (2003), Katie Rowley Jones (2007), Anais Lueken (2011), Zoƫ Rainey (2011) & Rosa O'Reilly (2018)

Doctor Dillamond

William Yonmans (2003), Martin Ball (2007), Kristian Boland (2011), Christopher Howell (2012) & Chris Jarman (2018)
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