Thursday, 26 April 2018

REVIEW: Mr Morgan and Mr West: Time Travelling Magicians at Wilton’s Music Hall

Why do we believe in magic? We know it’s fake. We know that it’s all slight of hand, good guessing and thin, glamorous assistants squeezing themselves into boxes under impressive constructs; guillotines, chainsaws and tigers (Until that unfortunate event with Siegfried and Roy). 

I have always had a fascination with magic. Someone tricking my mind to believe something that doesn’t exist is truly wonderful to me. It really awakens the child inside of me and he is as excited as a 5 year old on Christmas Eve. 

Tonight I am in the audience to be wow by two magicians from a different era, well that’s what they claim. ‘Morgan and West: Time Travelling Magicians’ have landed at Wilton’s Music Hall. I first came across these fine, well mannered gentlemen when they were trying to Fool Penn and Teller on their television show ‘Fool Us’. I was really impressed with the act they had to show and they even managed to fool Penn and Teller but will they impress the audience tonight?

The auditorium of Wilton’s music hall is ideal for these ‘spiffing gentlemen’ taking the audience back to a Victorian vaudeville hotspot. Trunks and stools litter the stage and give it a vintage feel and set he mood for the magic to ensue. 

Mr Morgan and Mr West, like all magicians are charismatic and have great patter, creating instant rapport with the audience, bringing them into their world, quite literally as a lot of their act involves audience participation; it’s great to see the reaction on the participants face. One negative I have about this, though is their focus and attention when taking audience members on stage. My partner, a spaniard didn’t quite understand the instructions given to him on as their patter, as good as it is, is quite rushed and it had a negative effect on his enjoyment on the rest of the show, they also got people’s names wrong and these people usually had an accent, damaging their rapport with those assistants. 

That being said their comic timing is spotless and you can tell they have been working together for some time; seamless. 

Now I’ve been watching magic for many years, including the ‘how they do it’ programmes and these two are flawless. I really don’t want to tell you much about their tricks but their finesse is near perfection. I couldn’t see any of their slight of hand movements and their misdirection double bluffs you. 

These Gentlemen are at Wilton’s Music Hall until Saturday and you really should catch their performance, if for anything, their finial trick is fantastic. Mr Morgan and Mr West are destined to be the next Penn and Teller. 

Review by Samuel Clemens

Rating: ★★★★

Seat: D17 | Price of Ticket: £16
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