Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A contemporary adaptation of Lorca's 'Blood Wedding' to open the Autumn Season 2018 of the award winning Clapham Omnibus Theatre

A new contemporary adaptation of Lorca’s BLOOD WEDDING is coming to London this September (4-23). The project will unite British and Spanish artists and audiences to champion cross-cultural collaboration in our current climate.

Lorca’s classic account of familial conflict and fated love will open the Autumn Season 2018 at the Omnibus Theatre in Clapham.

The story is reimagined in the heart of London’s Spanish community today, focusing on the Mother and Bride. Challenges of living in the post-Brexit capital underscore the tragedy of the original.

The production will be a theatre experience, spilling into the theatre café in the interval where tapas and live original music composed and played by the actors will create an authentic Spanish wedding party atmosphere.

Audiences will be engaged in debate through pre-show talks by Lorca experts and post-show Q&As.

"Through storytelling workshops we will create a platform for validation, facilitating sharing of participants’ stories using newly learned flamenco skills inspired by the production. 

We want to give voice to the voiceless as Lorca did himself. He insisted, ‘theatre must capture the pulse, the drama of its people."

Director/adaptor: George Richmond-Scott

Movement Director: Patricia Suarez

Producer: Lauri Cryan

Designer: Christianna Mason

Composer/performer: Camilla Mathias
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