Thursday, 22 March 2018

REVIEW: Cilla the Musical at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking

Telling the rags to riches story of entertainment star Cilla Black, Cilla The Musical is a real crowd pleaser of a show. Starring Kara Lily Hayworth in the title role, the show is packed full of memorable songs and an easy to follow narrative of love, ambition and the pitfalls of fame.

Hayworth is a fantastic Cilla with her mannerisms and physicality spot on for the role. Having wowed crowds in Moulin Rouge last year, she’s a performer to watch out for and her vocal in Anyone Who Had a Heart at the end of act one was a particular highlight (even inducing a standing ovation before the show had ended!

Coronation Street’s Andrew Lancel gave a strong performance as Cilla’s manager Brian Epstein and he showed the characters battles honestly and sincerely. Carl Au was a believable and warm Bobby; Cilla’s devoted partner, and he and Hayworth had real chemistry on stage.

The supporting cast were energetic and committed; really helping to create the vibe of 60s Liverpool while Gary McCann’s simple design was very effective in transporting you to their world.

There was some filler at times (the Mama and Papas making an appearance wasn’t really necessary) and there’s not quite enough story to tell to warrant the running time, but the standing ovation at the end was a clear indication that this is a solid production underpinned by a hardworking ensemble and led by a confident and assured performance by Kara Lily Hayworth. 

A must see for fans of Cilla and the sound of the 60s.

Review by Andy Edmeads

Rating: ★★★★

Seat: G3 | Price of Ticket: £44.90
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