Monday, 19 March 2018

INTERVIEW: Bernadette Robinson, star of Songs For Nobodies at Wilton's Music Hall

Tell us a bit about your one-woman show, Songs for Nobodies.

It’s a series of five monologue about five entirely different ‘nobodies.’ Different walks of life, backgrounds etc who have all been touched in some way by their brush with a famous singer.

How did the idea for the show come about? 

I approached both director Simon Phillips and writer Joanna Murray Smith about writing me a one-woman show so I could honour some of the greatest and most diverse icons of song. Joanna came up with the brilliant idea of making it not about the singers but about a series of ‘nobodies’ instead.

You feature so many of the original Divas in your show, who is your favourite to perform?

I have absolutely no favourite! They are all my favourites of specific genres, that’s why I chose them. They are the best in their field.

How are you feeling about bringing the show to London? 

Excited and apprehensive.

What are you most looking forward to about coming to London?

Coming to London!!! I’ve never performed in London before so for an Australian that is still seen as a very big deal!

What is next for this show?

Who knows? Let’s hope more performances? I want so much to share this special show with everyone.

If you were to return to London, what would you want to do here?

Should I even think about that yet? Is the West End too much of a dream?

Do you have any dream roles you’d like to play in the future?

Lots! But don’t want to jinx things by even writing them down. Would also love to have someone write more roles just for me.

Do you have any embarrassing on-stage stories you could share with

Plenty but that I can share with you not many! I did have someone sneak their puppy dog in to my show once. And at the very start of the quietest part of the monologue it yelped! I thought someone had sneezed but after several of these sneezes/ yelps I turned to where the offender seemed to be seated and stayed in character but said “bless you,” the ushers then removed dog and owner.

Everyone laughed, but I felt dreadfully embarrassed by being so undone by that noisy dog!

And finally, we have just celebrated our 5th Anniversary here at Pocket. In celebration of this, we wanted to ask you what theatre means to you?

Everything and always has! There isn’t anything more exciting than live theatre! Being part of the audience when what you’re witnessing on stage is brilliant or being on stage when it’s all just working! Nothing sweeter!
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