Monday, 19 March 2018

Bat Out of Hell | Promotional Day

The Jim Steinman musical "Bat out of hell" returns to the West End in April after successful short runs in Manchester, London Coliseum and in Toronto Canada and hopes to rock that venue for many months, if not years ahead just like "We will rock you" did. You don't have to be a Meatloaf fan to enjoy this spectacular show which sets out to impress in every aspect of the production as the team were proud to explain at this insightful glimpse behind the scenes today.

The production packs into 17 containers and took five weeks to sail to Canada but its back in U.K. now and being the installed at its new home. The huge set takes inspiration from eighties music videos and dystopian movies with the added influence of Trump Tower and is full of twisted perspectives. It is grand in scale and packed with tricks and makes a perfect dramatic setting for the story.

Based on the Lost boys and the music of Meatloaf, it is a love story against the background of a totalitarian state and the music has been rearranged to embrace musical theatre and a cast which has now grown to 34, with a band of 12 and a Technical team each night of 40! The scale of this production makes it one of the best value nights in the West End. The quality control is extraordinary with Jim Steinman said to have viewed every performance so far and given notes based on his private live stream! 

Of course what makes it an exciting success is the brilliant cast with Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington continuing as Strat and Raven. As they showed today in the live Facebook concert of the shows best numbers, they have really grown into the roles. Looking incredible, with fine voices and Polec with the most awesome eyes staring out at the audience on top form. 

Winning for its last short run best musical in Evening Standard awards, it was
also nominated in seven categories in What's on stage awards as well as nominated for best sound at the upcoming Olivers and deserves to win more.

Most of all you go into the venue humming the tunes and come out singing them out loud with such iconic rock anthems as "Bat out of Hell", "Real dead ringer for love" and "I'd do anything for love" as the stand out production numbers.

It's fun, sexy, and spectacular and definitely a must see show in 2018.

Written by Nick Wayne 
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