Friday, 22 September 2017

REVIEW: Legally Blonde at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley

OMIGOD OMIGOD YOU GUYS! Lucie Jones should win a prize for staring as Elle Woods in the National Tour of Legally Blonde: written by Heather Hatch and music from the man who brought us Batboy and Heathers, Laurence O’Keefe. The energy in the theatre tonight was electric with what was sure to be a high octane journey through Harvard Law School, I was wearing pink and ready to click along with the sorority girls of UCLA’s Delta Nu. 

From the get go the energy bar is set pretty high, girls riding on spin bikes and talking on the phone (Pre-emptively) celebrating Elle Woods and Warner Huntingdon the Thirds’ engagement. Which quickly spirals down hill when he breaks up with her. This set her on a new path, one that will challenge her Disney expectation of the power of love. Through trials (excuse the pun) and tribulations she realises it’s actually a good thing she is doing, practicing law and becomes the serious type of girl Warner laments about at the beginning of the first act. By the end there is cheering, and whooping and a mega mix (why?). Directed and choreographed by Anthony Williams the the use of set is very effective yet minimalistic, just what you need for a tour. 

Lucie Jones is perfect in every way. She embodies the part of Elle so completely every little nuance truly made the part her own. I wasn’t actually expecting Lucie to be as good as she was; however every doubt in my mind was swept away after her first line. Her voice was en pointe through the whole thing. Making short work of the score in front of her. I had originally seen the show when it first opened in the west end starring Sheridan Smith, but move over, because Lucie Jones belongs on that stage and in that part. 

Opposite her (for about five minutes in the first act) is Liam Doyle, a charming and suave Warren. However it is his counter part Vivian (Laura Harrison) who takes the limelight in that duo, her comedic timing and bitchiness is right on the nose. Her voice is powerful and blends wonderfully with that of Jones. 

Playing the unsuspecting love interest David Barrett bring Emmett to life through the song ‘Chip on my Shoulder’. A wonderful voice carries through the show and compliments Jones’ so beautifully. 

The embodiment of Positivity comes in the form of Rebecca Stenhouse, Rachel Grundy and Delycia Belgrave as Margot, Serena and Pilar respectively. Each character is well developed and individual in their own right. From the geek to the cheerleader, everyone is easy to invest in and entertaining. 

The surprise of the night came in the form of Rita Simons. When I see a star in a show I always expect the worst but tonight taught me a lesson. Paulette was such a fun character, exactly as you’d imagine her to be as she belted out the end of ‘Ireland’. Brava to Simons. 
Bill Ward as Callahan was greasy and villainous and was the cherry on the cupcake of tonights sweet show. 

Legally Blonde is high energy and like a high set of stairs doesn’t give you a chance to breathe. Winded by all of the talent that was on that stage Legally Blonde is entertaining and you’ll leave with all of the tunes playing through your head. 

Legally Blonde is only playing until Saturday and you should catch it wherever you can on the UK Tour. Jones and the cast are phenomenal, you will not be disappointed.

Review by James-Lee Campbell 

Rating: ★★★★★
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