Monday, 11 September 2017

INTERVIEW: Joe McElderry, currently playing there title tole in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on tour around the UK

Joe McElderry won the X factor back in 2009 and has since gone on to have a great career both in singing and musical theatre. After appearing in Popstar to Opera star back in 2011, he has gone on to tour many solo shows around the UK and play the title roles in both The Who's Tommy and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He returns to play Joseph once again on tour, we talk to Joe after opening the new leg of this tour last week... 

How does it feel returning to this musical?
Its brilliant to be back, it has been such a fun and wonderful experience and to finish of the year in this show is a great way to end an incredible year.

Joseph is a show that most people are exposed to quite early on, do you remember your first theatre experiences?
My first theatre experience was going to our local pantomime and I always remember being so excited about the lights and costumes and always wanted to go backstage and see what it was all about. 

And do you have any memories of Joseph as a child?
I remember our school doing a production of it when I was in primary school but I was to shy to be apart of it so I didn’t audition for a role how things have changed.

Joseph is a show that has been running for years! What do you think makes it so special?
I think firstly, like you said earlier, it is most peoples first expierence of theatre as it is always performed in schools so I think people have very fond memories of the show! But most of all the story and the music are fantastic.

What’s your least and most favourite thing about touring?
To be honest, although touring is quite hectic and tiring I love it! The only thing I hate is having to pack and unpack a suitcase all the time.  

Looking back, you won the X Factor back in 2009. Did you think you’d end up where you were today?
Not at all, I feel blessed that I have had so many wonderful opportunities at such a young age and that I still get to do something I love everyday eight years down the line. 

What was your experience like on the X Factor?
I loved it! It was such an intense time in my life as my whole life changed so quickly but I have nothing but fond memories of it. 

And how does it compare to being a part of a company on tour with a show?
It’s certainly less pressure than touring on my own as when I do my solo tours the whole thing falls on your shoulders and you're holding the whole show together the whole time but when you are in a company with a cast, you're more protected and you have eachothers back onstage and support one and other. 

You’ve recently just finished the tour of your solo show, Saturday Night at the Movies, are there any more plans for another solo tour?
Yes for sure, doing my own shows with my band is the thing I love most so there will definitely be more!

And along with the tour, you released an album. How did you narrow it down to all those fantastic songs?!
We all sat around and discussed which we thought would work and slowly narrowed it down to the final track list. 

If you did head back out with a solo show, what would you want the theme to be this time?
Well that all depends if the tour is to follow an album release then it would themed around that. If not, I decide once I put the set list together and the theme comes from that. 

Apparently, you’re also the first person to play Joseph who shares the same name! What could be next- Joe in Sunset Boulevard? Joe in Our House? Moving on from Joseph, what parts would you love to play?
I mean I think there are so many roles out there that would be great fun and amazing to play so who knows we shall see what’s around the corner. 
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