Saturday, 5 August 2017

EDINBURGH FRINGE REVIEW: Curse of the Mummy at Just the Tonic (2017)

Walking into The Big Cave at Just the Tonic, it’s hard to think of a better venue for Last Chance Saloon’s “Curse of the Mummy”. The old caves create the perfect setting for their jaunt to Ancient Egypt. Boasting of musical mash ups and outrageous humour, I was ready for what sounded to be my perfect show. 

Working their way through classic hits, with an archaeological twist, were Jack Gogarty, Sam Dunham and Jack Faires. Dunham, takes the role of Montana Jones, our Lecturer who longs to make the next big discovery. Faires and Gogarty, flitter between a number of roles, from Montana’s parents, Egyptian/Italian or Egyptalian as they liked to call it, street merchants, or the cursed mummy itself. Whilst the show is undoubtedly an ensemble piece, Gogarty steals the show. With his snappy comic timing and impressive vocal skills, you realise just how much he is missed when he’s backstage. Gliding across the stage as the sequined, camp secret Nazi Dean, he makes it a performance to remember and for all the best reasons.

The company are extremely innovative with props and set, with a scene stealing camel and a genius way of hot air ballooning on stage. Bringing in current shows, such as Take Me Out and Love Island, is a clever way of engaging younger audiences. However, this is where I was confused. The show is marketed as a 12+, which works with the themes and the style in which it’s performed but with jokes not really suitable for younger teenagers. It felt like the market that they wanted to reach was muddled. Having said that, the gaggle of laughing teenage girls seemed to love it. 

The show had moments that did make me giggle, and the audience participation was a really good idea to keep everyone involved. Unfortunately, quite a few times, I felt it had fallen a bit flat, but then was saved whenever The Dean (Gogarty) came on stage. All in all, if you fancy a silly show with the family, pop yourself along to the caves.

Review by Georgia Rix 

Rating: ★★★

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