Wednesday, 16 August 2017

EDINBURGH FRINGE REVIEW: Tamar Broadbent, Get Ugly at the Underbelly Clover

“When you break up with someone, you become 25% less attractive” – the starter for the comedy talent that is Tamar Broadbent and her new show “Get Ugly”. Armed with jokes on the mic and witty songs accompanied by her keyboard, Broadbent takes the audience through her journey of becoming newly single and finding the strength in herself to finally move the fridge. 

Although her stand up was good, she really came into her own when she got behind the keyboard. Her songs were catchy, refreshing and really did make you laugh. It was easy to forget (whilst you were laughing at the “Shoreditch Wanker” she’d dragged up on stage) but Tamar Broadbent has a beautiful voice. I almost wished there were even more songs, as they were the highlight of the performance. With constant nods to current pop stars, she became the Edinburgh Fringe’s very own Taylor Swift. Break up songs don’t need to be angry or sad, Tamar Broadbent has delivered a new style, and it’s funny, really funny. 

Commenting on life as a newly single person in the current world, Broadbent has created a show that is easy to relate to and easy to laugh at. Combine them with cracking vocals and brilliant one-liners and you’ve got “Get Ugly”.

Review by Georgia Rix

Rating: ★★★★
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