Friday, 11 August 2017

EDINBURGH FRINGE REVIEW: Dust at the Underbelly Cowgate

I’ve been struggling to write a review for Dust. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because a few days after seeing it, it’s still seems to be affecting me, a true sign of a good show. Before the show, I knew it would be quite tricky, with a subject matter like suicide, but I wasn’t ready for the powerhouse of a performance, that was Milly Thomas. 

The self-penned one woman show, follows Alice’s journey in afterlife following her suicide. Thomas effortless throws herself around the stage, into other characters and positions some actors would shy away from, but that’s what makes it so brilliant. Her performance is brave and real and so very honest. She had the audience in the palm of her hand from the first scene and didn’t let go until the lights went out. The monologues were beautifully crude at points, and whilst I thought it might alienate certain members of the audience, one quick glance around proved me wrong. 

Without giving any spoilers, there’s one scene towards the end which is particularly uncomfortable to watch and that’s exactly the point of it. Throughout the witty, sarcastic monologues and ridiculous positions Thomas would put herself in, it was easy to forget the serious subject matter at hand. The play is a 60 minute masterclass in storytelling and I urge anyone at the fringe to see it. 

Review by Georgia Rix

Rating: ★★★★★
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