Thursday, 8 June 2017

INTERVIEW: Devon-Elise Johnson, currently starring as Ann Pornick in HALF A SIXPENCE at the Noël Coward Theatre

How do you feel your training at LSMT aided your ascension to a leading lady of the West End?
The training is impeccable! They really hone in on the individuality of each student. Best year of my life without a doubt.

If you had “money to burn”, what’s the first thing you’d do?

Enable my mum and dad to retire. They’re incredibly supportive – if I could give back and thanks, it would be that!

Which member of the cast and/or crew makes you laugh the most and why? 

Bethany Huckle (Flo) – she makes me howl with laughter. On two show days, her interpretive dances have us in stiches!

The whole show is one, big crowd-pleaser but “A Touch of Happiness” is simply hilarious. Have you ever got the giggles during the show when you shouldn’t have? 

ALL THE TIME! It’s hard not to when things go wrong or people forget lines – we all corpse!

Which moment in the show makes you feel most fulfilled to perform? 

Flash Bang of course – what a number!

If you could cover one other role in the show for one-night-only, which will you choose and why?

Chitterlow – that wig is something else! I Might look like Annie though, haha!

When people leave the Noel Coward after a show, how do you want them to feel? 

Happy of course – If they are still sad, we haven’t done a very good job.

If you had to sum the show up in 5 words, what would they be?

Exciting, fresh, energetic, fun and CRAZY!

You have fantastic social media interactions with your fans, particularly on Twitter. Do you have any favourite stage door moments or any particularly brilliant Twitter exchanges you’d like to share with us? 

I have such incredibly supportive fans! It’s always such a joy to see them in the front row. My favourite moment was a lady showing me her ½ sixpence from her first ever boyfriend – whilst her husband stood there…I wonder if he kept his half ?!
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