Thursday, 1 September 2016

WICKED 10: Steph Parry

Firstly, tell us what part you played and what year(s) you were in the company! 
I was in the ensemble (you may have spotted me as the midwife) and understudied Madame Morrible. 

Do you remember seeing WICKED for the first time? When and where was it?
Yep! January 2007.  My boyfriend at the time bought me a ticket for Christmas as I was literally OBSESSED with the music.  

Did you ever think you’d be in the show one day?
Yes, I did.  I remember listening to the soundtrack over and over again in 2005 and KNOWING that I'd be a part of it one day. 

What is your best memory from your time at WICKED?
Getting thrown on day two to play Madame Morrible - pretty crazy but great fun too.  

Tell us one embarrassing story from your time in the show…
One day I decided to pop up to the dressing room during act 2 to eat my dinner, so I heated up my fish, ate it and then went back downstairs.  Unfortunately it was a pretty potent piece of cod and stunk out the whole of backstage and as I went on for Witchhunters, everyone was gagging at how much I smelt of fish, you could literally see it spreading around the stage by people's faces when the smell hit them - it got renamed "Fishhunters" that night! I was mortified 

If you could return to WICKED and play any other character, which would it be and why?
I'd love to play Elphaba, she's just the most iconic female role in Musical Theatre.  

Do you have a favourite part of the show?
Dancing through life is incredible, such a mammoth piece!! The dancers work so hard!! 

The WICKED movie has confirmed its release date, is there any famous names you’d like to see in it? 
Meryl Streep as Morrible for sure!

If you could describe WICKED in less than 5 words, what would they be?
A magical theatre experience. 

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