Wednesday, 3 August 2016

REVIEW: All or Nothing at the Vaults Theatre Waterloo

Enthusiasm, energy and passion. The latest offering at The Vaults in Waterloo has all three in spades, as this unique venue welcomes the return of All or Nothing, The Musical 

I'll admit that I went in knowing next to nothing about either the music or the story, but that didn't matter at all. The show is cheeky, sharp and effortless, so as long as you head in with an open mind and a sense of humour, it's a guaranteed good time!

All or Nothing chronicles the story of Mod musicians The Small Faces, arguably one of the most influential groups of the movement. Overseeing proceedings is an older, cheekier and somewhat more laid back version of lead singer Steve Mariott, who serves both as narrator and, at times, good natured heckler to keep the audience connected to the story. Played by the exceptionally talented Chris Simmons, the older Steve brings a genuine charm and irreverence to the affair, mapping the rise and fall of his very own star.

Although Simmons stands out, the entire cast are incredibly talented. They brought the songs of the era to life with an irrepressible energy that at times had the audience desperate to get up and join in. The simple set allowed the band to be the focus whenever they rolled out their instruments, and it wasn't long before that small theatre was on fire! 

It's not all about the music though - the story is sharp and stylish, and most importantly doesn't take itself too seriously, fitting in very well with the whole mood of the Mod rebellion. 

The story of the Mod movement is a special one that impacted on a whole generation, and so it is only fitting that it has been immortalised in a very special show that deserves a cult following of its own.

Review by Liv Burrell

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