Sunday, 16 August 2015


Focusing on one man’s desire to win Gold, Tether tells the story of athlete Mark who unwillingly becomes a guide for blind marathon runner Becky.

Proud and egotistical, Mark is far from the warm heart needed to support prickly Becky and the two quickly lock horns as a power battle ensues. Over time, the two find a common ground and Mark spies opportunity in supporting Becky to fulfil his quest for medal validation. 

Writer Isley Lynn has clearly done extensive research into the sport and has dug deep into the world of Paralympic athletes and in doing so, has created an authentic and honest script. 

Much of the play finds Lee Drage (Mark) and Maisie Greenwood (Becky) running on the spot, with a great soundtrack keeping the action tight and to good time with effective lighting states supporting this. 

Unfortunately despite a good build, the show doesn’t reach a powerful climax and the end is a touch predictable leaving the overall production feeling flat. There’s potential here but more work needed on the chemistry of the two actors and a bigger finish needed to grab Gold.

Review by Andy Edmeads 


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