Friday, 31 July 2015

TodayTix, the new way to purchase Theatre Tickets! Plus, £10 off your first purchase!

TodayTix is a new and exciting mobile app for purchasing theatre tickets, it was founded in 2012 in New York by life-long friends and Broadway Producers Merritt Baer (Romero and Juliet starring Orlando Bloom, Lucky Guy starring Tom Hanks and The Bodyguard) and Brian Fenty. The app launched in 2013 in New York to great acclaim and has just launched here in the UK. 

We here, at Pocket Size Theatre, didn’t know about the app previously but after having the experience of being invited to book tickets through the application and to attend one of the shows they currently have on sale, we can safely say we will definitely be returning customers! 

This app is so simple to use, you set up an account, put in your details (including card details) and off you go! The signing up process is one of the easiest I have ever done and the actual booking of the tickets is also one of the simplest I have experienced. 

TodayTix have made it as simple and easy as they can for your to book tickets to a West End show, there are four easy steps to you making your booking: 

1. Select the show of your choice! They have a range of shows available on there, from West End Classic like Les Miserables, hot new shows like Kinky Boots and great experiences like the seasons at the Globe. 

2. Chose the day you want to attend! TodayTix, as it implies in the name, only sell tickets for a week (maximum) in advance. This may not be so great for people who like to book as early as possible but for people like myself who like to fit theatre trips around my week I have planned, this is perfect! 

3. Select your price band! The app allows you to choose what price band you want to sit in. This ranges from show to show but from looking at the deals they have available of there I can see that, compared to other ticket websites, they are among one of the cheapest. 

4. TodayTix then offers you the best seats they have available, then you simply checkout and its done! 

5. All thats left to do is to Enjoy the show

My experience with using this app has been so smooth and I was very impressed with how dedicated they are to bring the best service to their customers. It takes the hassle out of buying tickets and you DO NOT get ripped off! They also have some exciting new features coming to it like an online Lottery, you can enter these in less than 10 seconds (avoiding waiting in lines at box offices!), the first one coming up is for the London premiere of KINKY BOOTS. 

We give this app 


Type in the code IHIOQ at the checkout when you make your first purchase and you will get £10 off! 

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